The Hangover Beauty Routine

The hangover. The dreaded post-celebration disorder; which involves a slow and painful death typically incurred by excessive consumption of alcohol and a bad sense of judgement. An ailment; which is at high risk during the festive period and can leave many people crawling their way into the new year in hopes for a clean slate. Symptoms usually involve sore heads, unquenchable thirst, insatiable desire for junk food and an extreme lack of mobility. Those who partake in Christmas celebrations often ignore the signs and further indulge in another glass (or bottle), because getting sloshed is pretty much what Christmas is all about.

It’s times like this that I look back at my youth and wonder how I was able to consume that much alcohol without the slightest glimpse of a hangover. Now that I’m in my thirties – that shit takes me two days, a constant flow of trash tv, a full body massage, a mental breakdown, an overdosing on pain killers and a large pizza with extra cheese. If only I could turn back the clock to a happier time. A time when life was simple. A time when everything made sense. A time (just before I ordered my last shot) when I can just walk away…with the tiniest bit of dignity. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen and neither will my sense of judgement be improved so for now I’ll live with the fact that I turn into a a raging lunatic when it comes to Christmas.

It’s the general consensus that doing any kind of manual labour during the period of a hangover is simply not on. Many women would shudder at the thought of a full beauty routine when they feel as though their lives are hanging on by the last strand of tinsel. Normally I would agree, but I’ve learnt that a little bit of TLC can cut my hangover time by half. I’m not talking full spa days or bikini waxes. I’m talking a slight bit of pampering to scrape off the remnants of last night’s makeup and make you feel SLIGHTLY human again. Of course – trash tv and engaging in any sort of human interaction is at your discretion.

Here’s my non-strenuous routine…

Taking off the cake face

hangover 1

When I’ve stumbled into the house, greasy kebab in tow, the last thing I think about is taking off my makeup. I know I come across as a complete skincare advocate, but once in a while I give myself a break and enjoy the prospect of waking up with lipstick smeared across my forehead. Sounds awful to hear, but if it’s not a regular occurrence who cares?!

To rid myself of last night’s shame I turn to Hard Candy’s Take It Off makeup remover and Garnier’s Micellar Cleaning Water. The makeup remover literally ‘melts’ off my makeup (even stubborn waterproof mascara). It certainly beats scrubbing away at my face with a makeup wipe or going in with a facial brush. Garnier’s Micellar Cleaning Water is a lazy girl’s best friend when it comes to cleansing. I soak a cotton pad with the solution and swipe it all over my face and neck after I’ve removed my makeup. The micellar water literally ‘sucks’ out the dirt from your pores and removes anything the makeup remover leaves behind. Your skin feels fresh and clean without having to go through a huge skincare routine.

Scrubbing away the dirt

hangover 2

My most strenuous, yet satisfying part of my routine. Exfoliating, for me, means ridding myself of the toxins, dirt and shame from the night before. It makes me feel new again, like I’ve shed a layer of skin. Sounds like an awful analogy, but putting in that little bit of effort to exfoliate your skin will make you feel whole again.

Soap and Glory’s Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub has been a permanent staple in my bathroom for quite some time. It’s perhaps not the best scrub to use considering that I’m sensitive to smells during a hangover, but I absolutely love the texture. I pop myself into the bath, dampen my skin slightly and scrub away the grime from the night before.

Float in the bath

hangover 3

Experts say that a good soak in the tub does wonders for your overall health and wellbeing; such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, improving blood circulation and so on. That’s a statement I certainly agree with and when I get the opportunity, I plonk myself in a tub full of bubbles and let the world drift away. When I’m hungover, a good soak in the bath can do wonders for releasing the toxins and relaxing your muscles that, quite frankly, have been abused the night before. A nice, warm bath allows your mind, body and soul to unwind and de-stress; which sounds ridiculous when you think about it, but excessive drinking can cause mayhem for your body so relaxation is exactly what you need.

Being a bit of a bath enthusiast I have an array of relaxing smellies; which get me in the mood for drifting away. Molton Brown’s Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath and Shower contains Yuan Zhi, a wild plant from the southern region of China; which is traditionally used to balance your Chi (energy). It contains moisturising and soothing properties to combat stress, promote relaxation and ease tension – perfect for washing away the booze from the night before.

Add the moisture back into your skin

hangover 4

You know, I know, my next door neighbour knows, and their cat knows that I LOVE coconut oil. For me, my home is not complete without a jar of this stuff. Coconut oil has a multitude of uses, all of which are too lengthy to list individually. However, when it comes to hangovers, coconut oil is your best antidote.

Oil pulling, in particular, is one of the best natural hangover cures out there. A tablespoon swished around your mouth and through your teeth draws out the harmful toxins from your body and removes the impurities ingested from the night before. Lathering your body in coconut oil, fresh out of the bath, can also do wonders for your hangover. Excessive drinking causes dehydration; which is greatly visible in your skin. Adding moisture back into your skin is essential for re-adding that youthful bounce and you can’t get more moisturising than coconut oil. Unlike many moisturisers on the market, coconut oil also absorbs quickly into the multiple layers of the skin; which means less time getting ready and more time lounging around being a slob.

Don’t be particular about the coconut oil that you use, any will do provided that it’s 100% organic and unrefined. My current favourite is Vita Coco Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil; which I get from Amazon.

Add a sheet mask for instant hydration

hangover 5

The skin on your face should never be treated as same as the skin on the rest of your body. The skin on your face is far more delicate, far more sensitive and requires far more attention than the robust skin on your body. However, like I mentioned earlier, I’m not up for strenuous routines when I’m hanging. In situations like this, a sheet mask is a life saver.

Much like my bath products, I have a collection of sheet masks to choose from. Most sheet masks are used for intense hydration so picking which one to use isn’t a difficult decision. However, on a recent trip to Boots, I noticed that the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks were reduced down to 99p! I quickly gathered a couple (10…I got 10) and added them to my collection for days like these when I really need some deep moisturisation. These masks promise to add intense hydration in just 15 minutes, just enough time for you to get your Dominos order in. They’re slightly thinner than your average sheet mask, but the amount of serum that is included perhaps exceeds the amount which you really need for one use. Nevertheless, this mask is exactly what you need to add a bit of life back to your face, because let’s face it – none of us look particularly delightful after a night of drinking. Excessive alcohol draws out moisture from the skin, adds deep pigmentation around the eyes and exaggerates fine lines and wrinkles. Once you remove the mask, pat in the remaining serum around your face and you’ll feel like a new person by the time that delivery guy rings the doorbell.

Add some more coconut oil

hangover 6

You would think by now that I would’ve left the coconut oil alone, but alas, I’m not done yet. Upon a recent trip to TK MAXX (TJ MAXX for my American readers), I discovered the Pearlessence Coconut Water Facial Mist. I absolutely loved scouring the shelves of TK MAXX to find little beauty discoveries; which aren’t as widely available in the UK. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate the facial spray on the internet so I have no link to share with you, but I suggest heading down to your local TK MAXX, where you will find it in abundance.

When I’m hungover, I bundle myself in a blanket, crank up the heating and wallow in my own self pity. Whilst that sounds like complete bliss, it’s also very bad for the skin. I keep a bottle of this facial spray on hand so that I continuously add moisture back into my skin; which can dry out due to excessive heat. It’s not greasy by any means and despite its moisturising capabilities, it’s actually quite absorbent.

Veg out and chill

hangover 7

We finally made it! I know my routine looks lengthy, but I promise it takes me no more than 45 minutes to complete.

It’s now time to put your feet up, veg out with some junk food, put aside any important tasks you needed to complete and switch off until you’re ready to do it all again. Oh how I love Christmas!

The Body Shop’s Seasonal Body Butter Range 2016

body shop christmas 4

Christmas scents evoke a certain kind of feeling for crimbo lovers like me. A feeling; which is indescribable to those non-believers who don’t have egg nog running through their veins. Christmas is a magical time of year and there’s nothing better than literally smelling festivity in the air.

For me, cinnamon and roasting chestnuts are all I need to get my Christmas juices flowing, but for some (like my husband) the smell is hard to swallow. Whether it’s roasting nuts or tarte cranberries, Christmas scents have a direct affiliation to your memories; which is probably why many of us go gaga for Christmas smellies.

body shop christmas 5

Upon a recent shopping trip, I found myself stumbling into my local Body Shop store. I’m a huge smelly person (that didn’t come out right) and fighting the temptation of beautiful scents is something I find hard to resist. Sure enough, I was trying on every product available on every body part imaginable…only to walk out with three products.

I’ve been a big fan of TBS’s Body Butters for many years. Not only do they come in deliciously alluring scents, but they offer the kind of hydration that is surely welcomed during the colder months. The Christmas period sees the inclusion of their seasonal scents; which I naturally gravitated to first. Disappointingly, the only new scent this year was Vanilla Chai; which I’ve been waiting for with bated breath. Nevertheless, I wrapped my greedy fingers around the three scented body butters and prepared myself for a very honest review (is there any other way?).

Frosted Berries – £14.00

body shop christmas 1

If you’re into sickly sweet scents then Frosted Berries is your jam (so to speak). Infused with scents of juicy berries, white flowers, creamy praline and sweet vanilla – this is by far the most ‘girly’ scent of all those available.

Along with the scent, the packaging and the texture of the butter can almost be comparable to that of the Strawberry range which is available all year round. I’ve always been a fan of the Strawberry scent, but Frosted Berries has an air of musk to it; which makes it slightly more appealing to a mature palette.

If you’re sensitive to smells, this one is certainly not for you. The potency of the scent is overwhelming and although the fragrance mellows through out the day, it’s still very prominent. What does make this body butter so incredible, however, is its moisturising abilities. The Body Butters, in general, are fairly luxurious, however, the texture of the Frosted Berries is super thick, super creamy and super hydrating.

Spiced Apple – £14.00

body shop christmas 3

Strangely enough, I was slightly disappointed to see Spiced Apple on the shelves again. I’m not adversed to the fragrance, by any means. However, I had hoped that The Body Shop would have steered away from the usual and released a number of fragrances that have never been seen before. Regardless of my reservations, I lapped up the opportunity to pick up Spiced Apple, because…well…Christmas isn’t Christmas without this smell.

The scent is described as crisp apples, warm notes of cinnamon, fresh orange and white flowers. Now – if someone can explain to me what orange and white flowers are meant to smell like I would be much obliged as I was completely baffled when I read that. Nevertheless, the flowers do give this scent a delicate touch to an otherwise robust fragrance.

The smell isn’t a potent as Frosted Berries, in fact, the smell does tend to disappear within an hour. However, I find myself reaching for this butter in the mornings when I need a little mood enhancing ‘pick-me-up’. It’s certainly refreshing, to say the least and the moisturising benefits are definitely there, but in comparison, Frosted Berries is way more hydrating.

Vanilla Chai – £14.00

body shop christmas 2

This is TBS’s latest and most prominent addition to their seasonal range. I’ve eagerly awaited the arrival of Vanilla Chai since the beginning of Autumn. I’ve had a long standing love affair with chai for quite some time now. Ever since my first magical sip of chai tea latte, I’ve never been let down by this wonderful elixir of spices.

TBS’s Vanilla Chai is, without a doubt, the worst smelling chai fragrance I have ever smelt. The scent is hard to describe – it’s an almost synthetic, plastic smelling odour. Much to my disappointment, this body butter replicated none of the aromatic and exotic perfume that chai normally exudes. The fragrance smells even worse once it’s applied to the skin and the inclusion of star anise really leaves a robust, man-like scent to your skin.

Fair to say I’m definitely disappointed by Vanilla Chai. From what I thought would be the ultimate Christmas body cream, turned out to be a complete dud. Granted, the moisturising qualities are great, but there are certainly other products available; which offer the same hydration with a much better scent. Sorry TBS, but Vanilla Chai has made it onto my naughty list this year.

The entire Body Butter range can be found here on The Body Shop’s website.

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide


It’s officially Christmas…well…not really, but it’s now December; which means that my inner Christmas geek is allowed to be released in full force. We all know that I love Christmas. An understand if you will, but Christmas has been and will always be my favourite time of the year.

My loved ones, who have had the unfortunate task of buying me a gift, will know that I’m not the easiest person to buy for. In fact, I rarely receive a gift that I haven’t initially picked out myself. Call me spoilt, overbearing or even controlling, but each year like clockwork, I roll out the Christmas Wish list lovingly referred to as ‘The Expensive List Of Crap That I Don’t Want To Buy Myself’. This year I decided to leave my fate in the hands of Santa’s little helpers. Better yet, write a blog post about all the things that I secretly desire so that my husband gets the hint.

I’ll leave the typing out of this post, because Christmas gift guides (or secret wish lists) need no explanation. If you’re on the hunt for some gift inspiration this year or you’re just nosey, like me, here’s a little indulgence for you…enjoy!

Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper £715

Bosch Tassimo Charmy £139.99

NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault £85.00

Coast Peyton Faux Fur Scarf £39.00

Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser in Black £37.52

Laura Mercier Le Petite Souffles Souffle Body Creme Collection £45.00

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Calf-Leather Shoulder Bag in Antique Bronze £1,850.00

China Letter Cup And Saucer Set £19.95

Diptyque Figuier/Fig Tree Candle £42.00

My Winter Nail Polish Picks


Rest assured John Snow – winter has finally come. Unlike the masses who enjoy warm breezes and hot summer days, I favour the winter season by far. Cozy fires, fashionable layers, jewel-toned hues and cinnamon everything – these are just a few things that I love about the colder months.

Now that Halloween is done and dusted, I am firmly fixated on winter festivities. November and December are celebratory months for me and my choice in nail colour mimic my mindset. Out go the pastels (well some of them), the neon and the hot pinks and in come the dark and deeply sophisticated palettes. I’m by no means a nail connoisseur. In fact, I favour doing my own nails at home rather than visiting a salon. I do, however, pay as much attention as possible to my nails as I’ve now come to the realisation that I have two extremities in my life – prissy and polished or homeless and half-bitten.

Here are my top polish picks for the winter season ahead-


In all honesty the name sounds as exciting as a smear test, but greige is an extremely sought after colour amongst the fashion forward. The undertones of violet, grey and brown make this shade extremely flattering for an array of skin tones. Greige gives you the comfort of a nude with a little more spice.

downloadOPI You Don’t Know Jacques


Chanel Particularie


Cashmere nails can be best described as effortless sex appeal with a hint of luxury. Imagine flesh-tones, blushed pinks and soft taupes topped with a matte finish. Cashmere nails require very little maintenance and are super quick to apply; which makes for a great fall back when you just can’t decide what to do with your nails.

Essie Comfy In Cashmere

Nails Inc. Alexa Fabric Effects In Cashmere

Navy Blue

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with blue nails. I’m not the biggest fan of royal blues, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE navy blue tones. Ink-like blue tones are perfect for the winter months when you want to experiment with a darker nail colour, but you want to steer clear of gothic black. Leave the misconception of blue nails behind and invest in a deep, rich, almost black navy.

Rimmel Salon Pro By Kate In Rhythm And Blues

OPI Roadhouse Blues


Unlike my feelings about royal blue, I actually DETEST red nails. Postbox red, stark scarlet and tangy tomato don’t appeal in the slightest to me. If I’m to invest in a red nail polish, it’s got to be oxblood. I know traditional red nails scream Christmas season, but oxblood is more my jam. They’re not the easiest to maintain and the slightest chip can turn your work of art into a complete shambles, but it’s worth the torture.

Chanel Rouge Noir

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Charcoal Grey
Much like the grey-toned hues mentioned before, charcoal grey adds subtle glamour to your talons without having to settle for a simple nude. Grey nails might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you won’t know until you try and charcoal grey is the perfect way to transition into ‘experimental’ nails without standing too far from the crowd.


Essie In Chinchilly

OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effect in Steel Waters Run Deep

Dark Chocolate

You can’t survive winter without a bit of chocolate and that goes for your nails too. I used to think that applying a brown colour onto my nails would look slightly odd against my already brown skin, but I just never found the right shade of brown. Deep chocolate brown looks utterly delicious, particularily with a glossy top coat.


OPI Washington Collection in SHH…IT’S TOP SECRET


Essie In Little Brown Dress

Military Green

One thing that I’ve noticed as I’ve grown old(er); I’m a lot more appreciative of completely odd ball colours. Perhaps that’s just my personality, but I love anything that stands out. Military green isn’t necessarily the first colour you would think of when you have Christmas in mind, but Christmas trees are green right? So it makes sense (in my head).


Nars in Night Porter


Chanel Vert Obscure


Of course, I couldn’t talk about nail colours without mentioning glitter (you can take the girl out of Essex…). I don’t miss an opportunity to wear glitter – on my nails, on my face, in my hair, on my clothes…ok I’m slightly exaggerating, but I am obsessed with the sparkly stuff. Christmas is the perfect opportunity for a glitter enthusiast like me to wear tons of glitter on my nails and not feel guilty in the slightest (not that I ever did).


Color Club Glitter Vixen Nail Polish Collection in Magic Attraction


Zoya Pixe dust in London

Christmas Eve Traditions

Well here it is beauties; Christmas has finally bestowed upon us. I hope the month of December has been as magical for you as it has been for me. From Christmas shopping to festive treats, December has been a whirlwind of wonderful memories made.

As we all settle down to our own Christmas Eve traditions I thought I would share with you a few of my own. I must admit that Christmas Eve for me is not the most glamorous. I’m not one to host a party or attend a fabulous soiree, but rather, Christmas Eve is spent exactly how the next three days will be spent – eating far too much, drinking my body weight, passing out on the sofa and snuggling up with my loved ones (perhaps not in that particular order).

So if you’re anything like me and are looking for some Pinterest-worthy inspiration for your Christmas Eve night in then look no further.

Cozy Christmas Socks

Cozy up with a pair of snuggly slipper socks in a wonderful Alpine print. This fleece lined pair will ensure that your toes are kept warm and festive.

xmas eve 3

Primark Cozy Slipper Boot £5.00

Cinnamon-Sugar Popcorn

Christmas and cinnamon are a match made in heaven. Mix up a batch of cinnamon-sugar popcorn to snack on during your movie marathon.

xmas eve 2

Microwave popcorn or plain ready made popcorn
1 tablespoon salted and 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 tablespoon caster sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 250 degrees (Gas Mark 2). Place the cooked popcorn into a large mixing bowl and set aside. Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir in sugar, cinnamon, salt and vanilla extract. Cook until thick and bubbly. Pour mixture over the popcorn and mix until the popcorn is fully coated. Transfer the popcorn onto a large sheet pan and spread evenly. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes and allow to cool completely before serving.

Hot Buttered Rum

Try this tipple for your Christmas Eve treat. It’s perfect for those who love their spiced drinks. Use a stick of cinnamon to stir the drink together and add a special touch for your guests.

xmas eve 1

Two parts Dark Rum
1.5 teaspoons brown sugar
1/4 parts unsalted butter (room temperature)
Squeeze fresh orange juice
3/4 parts boiling water
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Beat together butter, sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg together until well mixed. Combine butter mixture with dark rum in a cafe-style latte mug. Pour boiling water over the top and stir until all contents have been properly dissolved. Squeeze fresh orange juice into the mixture and serve with a stick of cinnamon.

Christmas Dvd Marathon

Christmas DVDs are a must for Christmas Eve. My ultimate favourites are The Muppet Christmas Carol and Happy Feet.

xmas eve 4

Milk and Mince Pies For Santa

Yes, at almost 30 years of age I still leave milk and mince pies for Santa. I would like to say that I’m ashamed, but I’m really not.

If you want to stay off the naughty list this year try out the Milk and Cookies bottle (£2.50) from Primark.

xmas eve 5

I would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry. xxx

Lush Away Your Mistle-Woes

Can you believe that we’re almost a week away from Christmas?! I can…

It’s fair to say that I’m all crimbo-ed out. Not that my love for Christmas has died (perish the thought). I’m just so overwhelmed with endless gift buying, decorating, celebrations and general Christmas rush that I’m starting to get a bit cream-crackered.

lush christmas 9

If there’s anything in this world that I love more than Christmas, it’s a pamper night. At least once a week (if I’m lucky) I switch off, unwind and float away in the blissful aroma of luxurious beauty products. With the madness of Christmas well under way, now is the best time than ever to put your feet up, run a hot bath and treat yourself to some serious R&R.

Lush, like every Christmas, have a beautiful array of festive beauty products. From cinnamon scented soaps to cranberry filled face masks, Lush is the place to go to feed your senses with all things Christmas. This year I have indulged in an assorted collection of what Lush has to offer. In my books, trolling through the shops for an endless list of Christmas presents is reason enough to treat yourself to a little pampering.

Here are the products that I use when I need a little bit of Christmas sparkle in my beauty regime.

Luxury Lush Pud £3.95 each

lush christmas 3

If you’re a true Lush-a-holic then you will be no stranger to the ever-famous bath bombs. Containing a mix of essential oils, pleasant fragrances and bright colours, these little fizzies create a wonderful eruption when added to a warm bath. Drop one into the water and watch it explode into a beautiful elixir of luxury. Bath bombs are my favourite way to make bath time fun!

lush christmas 4

This luxurious bath bomb takes the form of a Christmas pudding. Rather than a traditional look, the bath bomb consists of an electric pink colour with accents of multi-coloured polka dots. Once added to your bath, the water takes on a magical swirl of bright colours; which is perfect for lifting up anyone’s day.

Considering the colours, the smell is not as over powering as you would initially think. There are strong accents of lavender and ylang ylang; which aids relaxation and relives tension. It’s not the most moisturising bath bomb available, but if you follow with a slather of body cream, it serves as a wonderful treat for your body.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel starting from £3.95/100g

lush christmas 5

One of the most wonderful things about a Lush Christmas is the selection of limited edition products are re-emerge every year. This year I knew that I had to get my hands on Snow Fairy, one of the most talked about Lush Christmas products available.

The fluorescent pink bottle contains a sweet candy scented shower gel with added pieces of glitter. This shower gel promises everything that you would imagine upon first look. If you’re not into candyfloss or anything overly sweet then chances are you won’t like this. Snow Fairy is by far an acquired taste as it leaves a lingering scent on your skin through out the day.

lush christmas 6

A little goes a very long way as the gel itself is quite thick; which makes it great value for money. I love the moiturising factor as winter calls for products which soothe and treat your skin. I use this shower gel just before a night out as well as a bedtime treat as the flecks of glitter add a perfect amount of sparkle to your skin for all those Christmas parties.

Yog Nog and Snowcake Soaps both starting from £3.50/100g

lush christmas 2

Lush soaps have created themselves a reputation that rival their bath bombs. Whenever I step into a Lush store, the first place that I am draw to is the beautiful slabs of brightly coloured ‘designer’ soaps. We all know the waft of perfume you get when walking into a Lush store and majority of the time that’s down to their soaps.

lush christmas 1

Yog Nog (right)

Described as a creamy skin drink, Yog Nog is by far my favourite Lush limited edition product. Containing cocoa butter, soya yoghurt and a blend of Christmas themed spices, this product is a far cry from a traditional bar of soap. I’ve yet to come across a bath product that completely eliminates the need for post bathroom moiturising. I have dry skin; which craves for nourishment after a bath or shower. However, this soap is so incredibly moiturising that I don’t need to bother with a body cream after. The smell is slightly spicy, slightly caremelised and slightly musky; which encompases the theme of Chrsitmas beautifully.

Snowcake (left)

Lush describes this soap as a bar of sweet marzipan. Much like Snow Angel, the scent is beautifully sweet. It’s not as offensive as other Lush scents, but leaves a wonderful clean smelling linger on your skin. It’s made with rose, rapeseed and coconut oil; which makes this one of Lush’s most creamiest soap bars available. Rub between your palms to create a luxurious lather; which you can use all over your body.

The Magic Of Christmas £5.95

lush christmas 8

Similar to a bath bomb, bubble bars are designed for bath time fun. Crumble or swirl under a running tap to create soft and dreamy bubbles.

The Magic Of Christmas is a re-useable bubble bar packed with a spicy punch. Held together with a stick of cinnamon and garnished with cloves, this bubble bar mimics the smell of Christmas baking. The cloves are said to be an excellent aid for circulation.

lush christmas 7

Simply swirl the stick under and running tap and store away for multiple use. For £5.95 you certainly get enough uses out of this product, making it extremely affordable.

I particularly love the glitter accent on the stick; which adds an extra bit of sparkle to your skin.

What’s your favourite way to wind down after the Christmas rush? Comment below!