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halloween final image 1

Happy Halloweek everyone!

With Halloween fast approaching, my Instagram feed has been overloaded with Halloween makeup images. From possessed dolls to half-eaten zombies, it seems like everyone is tuning into their inner ‘freak’.

This year, to kick start my annual Halloween tradition, I decided to take inspiration from the Mexican festivity of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Friends and family of all ages band together to pray for and remember loved ones who have passed, helping support their spiritual journey along the way. On this day, the boundaries between life and death begin to blur and skull masks are used to celebrate a tradition dating almost 4000 years old.

Here’s my take on the ever-popular Skull Candy Halloween look.

halloween final image 2

Products used:-

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buy finast online in Magnifica (24″ Off Black 1B)
Flower crown headband (Lots of tutorials available on buy finast)
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halloween final image 3

1. The first important step is to prep your skin for all the makeup that you are about to apply. Depending on the brand, many Halloween face paints contain oil; which can clog your pores. Prepping your skin with a good primer and removing the makeup as soon as possible will ensure that your skin doesn’t remain scary looking long after the makeup is gone! I used Skindinavia’s The Makeup Primer Spray (if you haven’t already, check out my review order finast online india).
2. Using a soft, black pencil eyeliner, map out circles around your eyes. The size of the circles can be as big or as small as you like. The pencil eyeliner is not only more forgiving than the black face paint if you make a mistake, but it also helps in the placement of the other colours that you will be using later on.
3. Apply white face paint around your remainder of your face, avoiding the area around your eyes. Don’t forget to cover your neck, ears and any part of your upper body that will not be covered with clothing. Snazaroo face paints are water based so you will need to soak your brush or Beauty Blender in water first to activate the pigments.
4. Fill in the remaining space around the eyes with black face paint. Avoid placing the product too close to your eyes to avoid irritation. Use a hypoallergenic black pencil eyeliner to your waterline and any skin near your eyes which hasn’t been covered with the face paint. Once complete, dust over black eye shadow over the black paint to ‘set’ the makeup and avoid creasing.
5. Add ‘scallops’ to the perimetre of the eyes with a small detailer brush. You can use any colour that you like, but it’s a good idea to use a colour which matches your flower crown.
6. Stipple purple face paint directly over the black into the corners of your eyes and into the eye socket. You won’t notice it at first, but this part adds shadow and extra dimension to your eyes creating a ‘sunken in’ look. Add the glitter gel to any areas of your eyes to add some extra pizzazz.
7. Apply mascara and dramatic false lashes to complete the eyes.
8. Using the black paint, draw a cobweb on your forehead and swirls around your face. This part is completely free style and can be left to your creative talent. If you struggle with a steady hand, use a gel or liquid eyeliner to give you sharp lines. Use the black to also fill in a small circular shape at the tip of your nose.
9. The most important step in this look is the face contour (of course). You will want to add some shadow and dimension to the face to make it appear less flat. Stipple purple face paint where you would normally contour and apply black face paint on top of the purple to deepen the shadow.
10. Apply a grey coloured lipstick over the lips. If you are unable to get a hold of grey lipstick, you can mix a small amount of white and black face paint to the lips. This will slightly dry them out, but will add to the overall look.
11. Using black face paint and a small detailer brush (alternatively use a liquid or gel eyeliner), draw two horizontal lines from the corners of your mouth. Draw vertical lines along the line and over your lips to give the look of stitches. Apply a small amount of black face paint or black lipstick in the inner part of your lips to create dimension.
12. Apply hair extensions and style any way that you would like and top it off with your DIY flower crown.
13. Apply white coloured contact lenses and outift to complete the look.

What’s your outfit of choice this Halloween? Comment below!

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