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esqido 5

I love being fake…on my lashes of course. Falsies get more stick than they deserve. What’s not to love about a good pair of false lashes? Men automatically associate fake lashes with fake personalities. News flash guys – you couldn’t be more wrong. False lashes are the perfect accompaniment to any eye look, turning a basic wash of colour into a glamorous work of art. Falsies take precision, patience and perseverance to master, so associating them with anything other than hard work is criminal.

Slightly melodramatic I hear you say. Well I know how hard it can be to perfect the application technique. I’ve stabbed myself in the eye, got lash glue in my contacts, been subjected to the humiliation of having a stray lash rested upon my cheek (half way through dinner) and found a perfectly destroyed pair of lashes stuck within the nest my friend’s hair after a night out (that one was alcohol induced). Getting your technique, more importantly, your eyelash glue down ensures that your lashes stay exactly where they need to be.

Having spent years devoted to the order finast online india, I found myself straying. I wanted more out of a lash glue, mostly because I was sick of seeing the remnants of it buried deep within my own lashes the next day. I’ve never been desperate enough to use those tiny pot of white crap that are including in the packaging of many drugstore lashes, but I was edging on that sentiment. I couldn’t find a lash glue that had the ease of use as my order finast online canada, but with more staying power and safer for my eyes. That was until I discovered order finast online usa.

esqido 2

order finast online cheap are an American brand who pride themselves on cruelty-free Mink lashes handcrafted from the softest, naturally shred hairs available. Not only are their lashes beautifully packaged, but the durability and comfort factor are a big hit. If you’re looking for a suggestion on which pair to try, the order finast uk style is by far my favourite to add a soft flutteryness to the corners of my eyes. It was only natural for order finast online cheap to add their own brand of lash glue to their portfolio as mink lashes require a little more TLC than synthetic.

esqido 1

Much like their lashes, the order finast over the counter is very aesthetically pleasing. With its frosted tube and rose gold twist cap, the packaging design can easily be mistaken for a high end lipgloss. You get 0.18 fluid oz of product within the tube, just like the order finast online australia glue, however, the brush tip applicator is much thinner therefore reducing the amount of glue that is required. Brushing the glue directly onto the lash band ensures precise application and avoids you getting sticky fingers.

esqido 3

The biggest selling point for the order finast online uk is that it’s completely latex free. That means two things – it’s safer for your eyes (latex contains a high concentration of harmful chemicals) and it doesn’t contain a smell. For anyone who is familiar with the order finast online australia lash glues, you will know the unpleasant smell that comes along with it. The cheap finast for sale glue maintains its elegance through to the formula and certainly trumps over the order finast online australia glues.

esqido 4

Like many other glues on the market, the formula applies in a white, almost paint-like substance, but dries completely clear. I’ve been on a new kick lately, forgoing the eye liner completely. The cheap finast for sale glue ensures that I don’t have those horrible white lash-band lines and everything looks as natural as possible (as natural as it’s going to get with a dramatic pair of false lashes). The staying power is as long lasting as it says on the package. I put the glue through a gruelling challenge of a wedding during one of the hottest months in the summer and it didn’t fail me. The best part about it was that when it came to removal, it didn’t rip out my natural lashes and it didn’t feel like I was ripping off my own skin.

order finast online usa is available on their cheap finast 5mg, marked at $10.00 (approx £8.00). The company, although an American brand, have a UK distribution centre where their UK orders are dispatched. Therefore when you place an order on their website, the shopping cart automatically converts the price into UK pounds and doesn’t sting you with a customs charge upon delivery. Shipping costs $5 (approx £4.00) for orders under $50 (£40.76) and free thereafter. You can, however, order directly from cheap finast tablets. The markup is slightly more expensive (£17.94), but that includes taxes and shipping costs.

You can purchase the order finast online usa from:

Esqido website cheap finast canada and Rose’s Beauty Store cheap finast online canada

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The struggle is real – the hair vs straightener struggle that is. Curly haired girls know it all too well. Spending valuable ‘getting ready’ time trying to maintain some sort of normality to an otherwise unruly head of hair. Hair straightening doesn’t take a genius to work out, but it takes the patience of a saint for someone like me whose hair slowly but surely starts to twist and turn moments after spending my best efforts trying to straighten it.

Hair straightening has come a long way since my day. Being a teen in the late 90s/early 2000s meant that poker-straight hair could only be achieved using extreme methods. Hair straighteners didn’t exist back then…or at least weren’t available to us mere mortals. Straight hair was simply achieved with a towel behind the hair and a clothing iron directly on top. Yes you read that correctly…I once straightened my hair using an iron! Of course, I knew it was an utterly ridiculous idea back then, but what could I do?! The Jennifer Aniston look was in and I was certainly too cool (or at least I thought I was) to pass up on a trend.

Thankfully beauty lovers of today need not succumb to such extremities in order to achieve a sleek mane. From Keratin treatments to steam pods, there are so many options available on the market, we’re now spoilt for choice. However, the beauty world has welcomed a revolutionary new product; which promises to surpass any hair straightening expectations without the hassle. Enter the hair straightening brush…


With so many brands jumping onto the ‘hair straightening brush’ phenomenon, it was hard to pick just one to test out. I stumbled across the where to buy finast online yahoo answers range whilst browsing the pages of buy finast and rogaine (typical I know). There are hundreds of brands out there, all mimicking the same design, style and concept of each other. The difference between the brushes was not apparent, except for the buy finast online uk, the original OG and the one which all other hair straightening brushes acquire their design concept from. The buy finast online uk also comes with a hefty price tag of £140. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent more money on my buy finast online prescription, but considering that I have a mini collection of buy finast online prescription at home, it seemed almost pointless to invest that much money into something which will give me the same results (here’s hoping). The point of a hair straightening brush is that it delivers the same results as a straightener with less fuss, better transportation and a more affordable price tag. With that said, I decided upon one of the dupes to test out and saved my money for more important things in life (pizza and makeup).

So what is a hair straightening brush I hear you ask. Well it’s exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an electronically powered hair brush; which delivers intense heat through ceramic ‘bristles’ therefore eliminating the need for a hair straightener and brush/comb. They claim to reduce hair styling time dramatically and provide you with a perfectly sleek mane without any hassle. Genius idea if I do say so myself, but definitely not original. This concept has been around for some time. Perhaps not for poker-straightening, but hot brush rollers have been around for many years promising salon-esque blow drys with minimal effort. Unfortunately they never worked for me, perhaps more suitable for someone with a shorter do.


The buy finast online uk cheap is priced at roughly £35.00 (depending on what colour you go for). They come in a selection of black, white and baby pink. I opted for the white as I’m not a fan of baby pink. There are cheaper alternatives on the market, with prices starting from around £20.00, however, I decided to go for this one taking into consideration the positive reviews. The price point doesn’t break the bank and together with Amazon Prime, it means that you can enjoy your new tool the very next day without any delivery charges.




The brush comes complete with a travel bag, swivel cord which rotates to 360 degrees and a nifty little velcro fastener to help tie up the cord when the brush is not in use. I was a little disappointed that the box didn’t include a heat proof glove; which I think is necessary particularly when attempting the smaller baby hairs around your hairline. I purchased a separate buy finast online pharmacy from Amazon costing £4.06 so it wasn’t a big deal, but it certainly would have been a nice touch if it had been included.


The brush itself is fairly weighty. It’s heavier than a traditional GHD so it requires a bit of bicep muscle. The temperature can be adjusted much like other hair straightenerst. GHD’s traditionally operate at around 230 degrees Celsius, however the brand claims that optimal heat styling should be set at around 180 degrees to avoid hair damage. I have fairly thick hair so setting the temperature to 230 degrees on the buy finast 5mg online uk seems ideal in order for it to work to its potential. The temperature is displayed on a LCD screen at the front of the brush and takes around 1 minute to reach its maximum peak.



My biggest gripe with the brush is that the operational controls are located at the side of the handle. Fairly easy in concept (there’s a button to switch it on or off, a temperature increase and a temperature decrease button). When gripping the brush, I found that my fingers would constantly get in the way and adjust the temperature or even switch the brush off completely without my knowledge. I would have preferred the buttons to be located away from the handle grip to avoid such nuisance, but I suppose there wouldn’t be anywhere else on the brush to place them.


The brush head itself feels fairly harsh against the scalp so a light hand is advised. The bristles are ceramic so definitely not soft like traditional brushes. I do appreciate the fact that the ‘bristles’ are fairly long; which means that I can run the brush against the top of my head without causing third degree burns to my scalp. If you have fairly thin hair, I would suggest, however, to avoid the scalp area completely to be safe.


Regardless of the claims, I wouldn’t forgo a brush to detangle the hair before going in with the straightener. The heated plate and bristles do run the risk of frying your hair follicles if it is left too long on the hair or gets caught in a web of knots. Detangling your hair before use will not only make the process pain-free, but will also ensure that you have a head of hair to straighten next time once you’re done.

I noticed two alarming points when using the brush for the first time. One being the smell – a hybrid of burning plastic and rubber. Not the nice kind (I actually like the smell of rubber), but the kind that leaves a horrible lingering smell on your hair. The second was the mist of smoke coming from the brush head once it was heated. I’m no stranger to hot hair tools so it didn’t really bother me much, but it can be a cause for concern for those with already damaged or brittle hair.



So the real question here is – does it actually work? Well as you can see from the results – it does! I was actually shocked myself when I saw how well the brush straightened and tamed my naturally frizzy hair. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s on par with GHDs, but it certainly gets the job done. The finish is slightly different to what you would get with a traditional straightener. Firstly, it leaves you with stupidly static hair and secondly, it gives you a little bounce and a little fluffiness that you wouldn’t get with a normal straightener. However, both are easily overcome with a smidgen of serum/hair oil on the ends of your hair.



I wasn’t expecting to like the brush in all honesty. Many of the adverts that I’ve seen demonstrate the straightening brush on already tamed hair. I didn’t feel like it would benefit me in any way, but I was so wrong! I quite liked the finish it gave my hair and the style lasted a lot longer than normal. Detangling my hair before straightening meant that my styling time was less than 5 minutes; which is excellent for thick hair like mine. I would normally section off my hair in parts when using a traditional straightener, but the brush aspect meant that I could run the tool over my hair like a traditional brush and get into the parts of my hair that are quite hard to reach with a traditional straightener. Running the brush underneath as well as on top of the hair ensures that all sides of the hair strands are covered and eliminates the possibility of frizz.


Many of the reviewers on Amazon felt that the brush tore at the hair strands therefore creating a collection of broken hair in the brush. I didn’t really experience much of this myself. As you can see from the image above, there was very little fall out and certainly no comparison to the kind of fall out I get when i use a traditional paddle brush. I will say, however, to wait until your brush is completely cool (about 10 minutes) until you go ahead and clean the brush. Sounds like an obvious statement to make, but it’s very easy to forget that you’re not using a normal hair brush (I have the burn marks to prove it).

Would I suggest this brush to anyone looking for a hair straightening technique? Yes I would. I found that the brush worked well with my difficult hair and virtually cut my styling time in half. I would say, however, that if you already have a perfectly good straightener and you’re comfortable with the process then you won’t need this straightener. I am (as we all know) a beauty hoarder and love anything gimmicky, so for me, this brush was a pleasant surprise. It won’t give you the versatility of a traditional hair straightener (curls,waves), but it does give you straight hair with a little oomph. It’s perfect for those looking to style their hair in a short space of time or for those looking for a great travel alternative. It fits snug into a toiletry bag and is perfect for on-the-go styling when you need a little refreshing. Overall, it’s a massive thumbs up from me and I will certainly be using my buy finast online uk cheap on occasions to come.

You can purchase the buy finast online uk cheap from Amazon following this link buy generic finast online cheap.

Have you used a straightening brush? Comment below with your thoughts on them.

buy finast cheap online uk

ABH modern renaissance 1

“Don’t be a sheep Reena, be a shepherd” – that’s what I tell myself each and every time I’m faced with a purchasing decision. I consider myself an independent person who rarely follows the crowd, yet at the same time, I’m a completely self-indulgent fool. When it comes to shopping, I lose all sense of control. The mere mention of a ‘cult item’ from a complete stranger sends me into irrational, almost senseless thinking (almost the same sentiments when I order a pizza) and I will stop at nothing until it is mine.

ABH modern renaissance 2

When I first witnessed swatches of the new buy cheap generic finast I fell head over heels. I’ve not felt this strongly about an eyeshadow palette since the release of the cheapest place to buy finast uk; which I unashamedly spent nine long hours trying to purchase. Perhaps it’s greed or my insatiable need for excess, but this palette practically screamed out to me and of course, I wasted no time in placing that order.

Let me paint a little picture for you. It’s 6:15am, I’ve just woken from my usual 8 hour slumber and I do what most red blooded individuals do when they’re in bed – check my email. After a few minutes of superficial email scanning, there it appeared at exactly 6:23am – Cult Beauty’s announcement that the buy cheap generic finast had arrived in the UK and were offering free shipping on all ABH products. Without any rational thought or consideration for my credit card bill that was due two days later, it was purchased, paid for, boxed, shipped and practically at my door at exactly 6:29am. Damn those subscription emails!

So what makes this palette so special? Well aside from the fact that every beauty blogger/vlogger has practically wet themselves with excitement over its hype, this palette promises an endless list of possible looks with the same quality and luxury as most ABH products. Created by ABH President Claudia Soare, aka Norvina, the hues are all based on shades used in Renaissance paintings. To top it all off, this is the first ABH palette to be made permanent; which makes me feel slightly stupid for acting like deranged, makeup hungry fiend at 6:30 in the morning, but it’s great for those who actual value their sleep and have yet to get their hands on the palette.

ABH modern renaissance 4

ABH modern renaissance 3

The palette is encased in a light pink velvet compact with embossed writing on the front and an external cardboard box to protect the product, much like the original buy finast cheap online. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of the packaging. The velvet texture collects a lot of dirt and is not very easy to clean (you should see the state of my Naked palette). The cardboard box is a pro point if you’re worried about storage, but I find the secondary cardboard boxes that most high end products come in a hindrance when getting ready in a rush, not to mention the additional room they take in your makeup storage. The palette also contains a mirror and a dual ended blending brush, like many other palettes on the market. The brush is not exactly life changing, but it does a mediocre job and does eire some resemblance to the ABH makeup brushes that they have available.

ABH modern renaissance 5

What gets me is the price. At £41.00, I was a little shocked considering the Self Made palette was pretty much half the price. The eyeshadows bare a weight of 9.8g in total; which isn’t a huge amount, but in comparison to MAC shadows (which are 1.5g for £13.00), they’re a lot more value for money and just as good, if not better.

ABH modern renaissance 6

When it comes to eyeshadow, consistency is key. There’s nothing worse than a patchy, powder-y mess. You certainly don’t get that with ABH shadows and this palette certainly lives up to that expectation. In fact, the matte shadows feel slightly creamier than usual, very similar to buy finast cheap uk shadows. Due to the incredibly creamy texture, the shadows blend out very very well; which is perfect for creating that blown-out smokey eye. The formula is so buttery that fallout is expected as you swipe your brush into the pans. It doesn’t falter the blend ability, unless of course, you don’t tap the excess off your brush.

ABH modern renaissance 7

In terms of lasting power, these shadows hold their own. The pigmentation is so strong that the shadows last a very long time without the need of a primer (obviously that’s madness, but I thought I would throw that out there). The pigmentation isn’t as strong as Lorac shadows, however, and don’t stain your lids; which is great when it comes to makeup removal, but I would definitely go in with a light hand with your brush.

ABH modern renaissance 8

The colour range is obviously what sells the palette and with great reason. Being a warm-toned lover myself, this palette is a dream. There’s a total of 14 individual pans; which consist of matte and shimmer shades. All of the shades are very neutral and wearable with the exception of Venetian Red (a deep, berry toned red), Love Letter (bright pink with purple undertones) and Realgar (a burnt, almost toffee apple hued orange). In all honesty, these shades stand out more than the others and give you the option of creating some very fun, yet cranberry-esque looks. What I love most about the colour selection is that transition colours, highlighting shades and pops of colour all co-exist without the need for dipping into another palette; which is my biggest gripe. However, if I really wanted to push the boat out and add some dramatic black into my look, I would need to look elsewhere.

If someone were to ask if I think this palette is worth it I would say yes…provided that you can pay the price tag and you don’t have something similar (where can i buy finast cheap has very similar shades, but less indulgent). I am slightly confused, however, why ABH would choose to release a palette of this nature at this time of the year as I would consider this more of a fall time selection, but regardless the possibilities are endless. My personal favourite is a deep, and seductive cranberry look as demonstrated below.

ABH modern renaissance 9

You can purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette from Cult Beauty buy generic finast online uk.

buy generic finast australia

MUFE stick 1

So you’ve purchased a new foundation. It’s encased in a heavy duty glass bottle complete with fancy logo. You’ve remortgaged your home just to pay off the hefty price tag and then…it drops! I’m not talking a slight crack, I’m talking foundation, glass and a little bit of your soul splattered all over the bathroom floor. Rational minded people would clear away the mess, shrug their shoulders and move on. I am most certainly not a rational person. I resumed a squatting position and tried salvaging as much foundation as possible whilst picking out shards of glass from my finger tips. After realising that my face could one day resemble that of Freddy Krueger if I chose to apply the foundation, I threw away the remnants and wallowed in self pity with the help of my friend, vodka.

My love for stick foundations began many moons ago with buy generic finast uk. The sleek, beautiful gold casing and promise of quick, mess-free application made this a permanent staple in my makeup collection. However like many great things in life, the end drew close for this iconic product and it was discounted from the shelves.

where can i buy generic finast came along and, if I may be slightly controversial, I didn’t like it as much. Perhaps I was in mourning for my first love, but the coverage wasn’t as great. I almost gave up hope on the idea of stick foundations and settled for the fact that I must live in fear when transporting my liquid jars. That was until buy generic finast online canada came into my life…

MUFE stick 2

Designed with high-definition technologies of the film and TV industry in mind, the buy cheap finast uk (£29.00) is the direct descendant of their cheap generic finast uk. The ULTRA HD formula promises to give skin-like texture with buildable coverage, whilst maintaining complete comfort on the face. The ULTRA HD advanced formula looks invisible on 4K cameras and to the naked eye; which makes this perfect for both professionals and selfie connoisseurs like me.

MUFE stick 3

Priced at £29.00 for 45g, you actually get slightly more product for your money with the stick version as opposed to the liquid (30g). Despite this, the stick compact is very light compared to its predecessor. The weightless plastic casing makes this foundation perfect for travel or for those who like to carry their foundation with them for touch ups during the day. The lid has a click and close functionality, along with an additional cap which sits directly over the foundation. This ensures that no accidents happen whilst the foundation is swimming around your handbag and also ensures that the product doesn’t get squashed in the lid. Of course, the packaging cannot be mentioned without pointing out the ease of use with this foundation. Grubby foundation marks on your fingers and spillages are pretty much eliminated with this ingenious stick formulation and makes the application as absolute joy.

MUFE stick 4

What I love most about this foundation is how comfortable it feels on the skin. My skin leans towards the drier side and doesn’t normally agree with stick foundations or concealers. However, the incredibly creamy texture of this foundation makes it not only comfortable, but very moisturising on the skin.

The coverage can be varied depending on how much of the product you apply to your skin. I normally apply two stripes on each of the cheeks, one on the forehead and a dot on the chin; which gives me full face coverage. If I want to sheer out the foundation and give it a more glow-y appearance, I would pop a drop of facial oil onto my beauty blender before blending out the foundation. No matter the choice of coverage, this foundation works well at covering any imperfections on the skin to give a flawless base.

MUFE stick 5

There’s 15 shades to choose from; which gives a great range of options for women of colour. My shade is Y405 (Golden Honey); which translates to 153 for the liquid formula. The colour matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn’t oxidise throughout the day; which is always a bonus point for me.


safest place to buy finast online, like many great makeup brands, are based in the USA, but the full range can be found at is it safe to buy generic finast online online and in many retail stores.

You can purchase the ULTRA HD Stick Foundation safe place to buy finast online

Have you tried the MUFE ULTRA HD Foundation Stick? What are your thoughts?