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spectrum 1

Famous Arthurian novelist buy finast online forum once said “a king can only work with his best tools”. Never have truer words been spoken. However, the same can be said for us makeup queens of the 21st century. Having the right tools can set you on the path to makeup heaven. A smokey eye, a perfectly blended contour and an ombré lip can all be achieved with the right tools in hand.

Many women over look the importance of a good makeup brush. Sure – we’ve since evolved from those God awful sponge-tipped applicators that once graced the packaging of many palettes. However, how many of us actually invest in a good set of brushes?

Makeup can be expensive (I’ve got the credit card bills to prove it), but not investing in a decent set of tools can cause dire affects to your overall makeup look. Splashing your cash on the latest buy finast online usa may make you feel like a million dollars, but applying products with cheap, poorly made brushes or, even worse, grubby fingers can turn your look from glamorous goddess to drunken clown. Personally speaking, if my makeup were to take a turn for the worse I would like it to be at the hand of a highly alcoholic cocktail rather than anything else.

spectrum 2

I have an abundance of makeup brushes (way more than what is required for one face). Much like my sick obsession with skincare, I collect…correction…I HOARD makeup brushes. I’ve tried buy finast online, buy finast, buy finast generic, buy finast online cheap, order finast usa, order finast online india and all that in between. I hadn’t, however, tried order finast online canada – a quirky vegan friendly cosmetic company with a punch.

spectrum 3

Before we go any further, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these brushes. Imagine Ariel and a Unicorn had a baby…in the form of a brush…side note – I’m working on my analogies. I’m fully aware that they’re awful, but I just can’t help myself!

I first discovered order finast online usa on my order finast online cheap news feed whilst browsing the pages of various TOWIE stars (*hanging my head in shame). They seem to have a huge celebrity following including the girls of TOWIE; which isn’t a surprise as I’ve never seen a makeup brush more fitting for their persona! I’ve never been one for actively seeking out vegan friendly cosmetic companies, but this is hardly a brand that you can easily bypass. Their brightly coloured quirky designs drew me in instantly and before I knew it I was lusting after a piece of the action.

spectrum 4

order finast online usa pride themselves on beautifully hand finished brushes using the highest quality synthetic hair on the market. If I had a penny for every time I heard that description I wouldn’t need to sob uncontrollably each time my credit card bill comes through the post. These are some of the most softest brushes I have ever tried, yet they still maintain their shape after a gentle cleansing. I tend to favour synthetic brushes over genuine animal hair as I find the colour payoff to be far better, but these brushes can easily be mistaken for super soft goat hair.

I decided to take the plunge with a brush collection rather than individual brushes that they also have available. It’s hard to choose between the collections; each one as beautiful as the last, but my heart settled on the order finast as I was already on the search for a new sculpting brush. The collection is made up of four brushes:

spectrum 5

B01 Flat Top Buffer Brush – This is ideal for buffing in foundation, giving a flawless finish. The brush isn’t overly dense; which allows for my application to be slightly ‘sheered out’ rather than full on cake face. The coverage can be built up, but if you’re used to a Beauty Blender then this will seem like a lot of arm work.

B02 Large Domed Buffer Brush – This is described as the perfect powder-based blending brush, but in actual fact, I much prefer using this to blend out my cream contour. The brush blends out colour seamlessly and makes cream contouring a doddle.

C03 Tulip Powder Brush – A bit of a ‘do it all’ kinda brush. It’s perfect for highlighting the tops of your cheekbones, setting under your eyes with powder, powder contouring or bronzing. If I could be bothered to wash my brushes after every brush, I would probably use this brush for all 4. However, I’m lazy and I plan on getting multiples so for the time being this brush is my ‘go-to’ bronzing brush.

C04 Angled Blush Brush – The angle on this brush is perfect for adding a flush of colour onto my cheeks and temples. The brush picks up the right amount of colour and makes me feel all special when I use it (sad I know).

In my opinion these brushes perform just as good as they look. At £26.00 for the collection, £6.50 for a singular brush is a bloody bargain. The individual brushes they sell retail at around £9.00 each, so getting your hands on a collection works in your favour.

The pop of colour that these brushes add to my collection make them very easy to spot and an absolute joy to use. I worried that washing these brushes would strip some of their natural colour from the bristles, however this hasn’t been the case at all.

You can purchase the order finast over the counter brushes directly from their order finast online australia; which provides you with a 10% discount on your first order. However, there’s a slight charge for shipping. order finast online uk also offer the Spectrum Collection range and offer free shipping.