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pumpkin diy image 1

Now that October is finally here, it’s time to indulge in the orange stuff. I’m talking about pumpkins of course! From jack-o’-lanterns to pumpkin spiced lattes, as Halloween approaches, pumpkins are in an abundance. The question is, once you have carved out your pumpkin, what do you do with the pulp? Rather than throw it away, try out my fabulous DIY beauty treatments utilising this humble vegetable.

You may not realise it, but pumpkin seed oil exists in many of the beauty products you already own. Why, you may ask? Well pumpkins are packed with vitamin E, zinc, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids; which naturally boost your skin and hair. The antioxidants in pumpkins help retain moisture, fight free radicals and help you maintain a youthful appearance. The vitamin E component improves skin tone, rapidly heals wounds, fights acne and helps with skin renewal. Pumpkins are also perfect for fighting dry and brittle hair as it protects hair follicles, increases shine and encourages hair growth. It’s safe to say that pumpkins have a greater purpose than just decorating your home during Halloween!

To make pumpkin puree
Cut pumpkin into quarters and peel
Chop into medium sized chunks
Boil under tender
Once cooked and cooled, puree in a blender and refrigerate for up to 3 days

Here are my top three DIY treatments using pureed pumpkins:-

Nourishing Pumpkin And Coconut Hair Mask
What you need:
Pureed pumpkin
Coconut oil
Add a few tablespoons of coconut oil to the pureed pumpkin and mix until smooth. Apply the mixture to damp hair and cover with a plastic cap. For deeper penetration, wrap a heated towel over the cap and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition as normal to wash out the mixture.
pumpkin diy image 2

Brightening Honey And Pumpkin Face Mask
What you need:
Pureed pumpkin
Milk (just enough to retain a thick, paste-like consistency)
Ground cinnamon
Mix all of the ingredients together and apply onto your face. Leave the mixture on for a minimum of 10 minutes and rinse with warm water to reveal glowing skin.
pumpkin diy image 3

Pumpkin Spiced Sugar Scrub
What You need:
Pureed pumpkin
Soft brown sugar
Olive oil
Ground Cloves
Ground cinnamon
Combine all of the ingredients together and decant into an airtight container or mason jar. Apply the mixture to your entire body using circular motions. Rinse off in the shower and treat your skin to a luxurious body cream.
pumpkin diy image 4

Comment below with your favourite Autumn treats!

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If I had to sum up my hair in a few short words it would be dry, frizzy and thick. No matter how many products I run through my hair in the morning, by the afternoon my hair is begging for some moisture. Straightening is the worst. The sleek, polished, poker straight effect I get once I run my GHDS through my hair never lasts all day. On my recent Lush trip I discovered a tiny little beauty that I just had to try.

Lush’s Shine So Bright is a balm, but rather than the lips, it’s for your hair! Titled a ‘split hair treatment’, it doesn’t contain silicone like many other hair treatments, but a long list of wonderful ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter and free range eggs for added protein.

The packaging is oh so cute and very portable; which was the reason why I purchased this product. Its solid consistency is packaged into a compact 0.3 oz tin and is perfect for popping into your bag for those little flyaway emergencies. Simply melt the surface of the balm with your fingers for a few seconds before distributing through your hair.

Although it is a split hair treatment, I absolutely love it for taming frizz and controlling flyaway hairs on the go. As an added bonus, the beautiful scent makes for a lovely hair perfume.

Shine So Bright has very quickly become a handbag staple for me.

You can purchase from Lush Cosmetics’ website order finast online canada.

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