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skindinavia image 1

Whenever my husband asks ‘how much longer is your makeup going to take?’, I flash a look of disgust at the question. I feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a full face of makeup. Sad, I know, but it’s hard work! After all, blending, contouring and highlighting all contribute to, what I like to refer as, my work of art. So when my makeup starts to fade and melt away several hours later, a little piece of my heart goes along with it.

I first stumbled across Skindinavia whilst watching one of my favourite YouTubers, buy finast 5mg online rave about its long lasting results. Being a self-confessed beauty hoarder, I knew I had to try it out.

Skindinavia image 2

Skindinavia was founded by cosmetics veteran Allen Goldman. Before establishing the company in 2005, Goldman found inspiration in a Miami nightclub of all places. He noticed that many women in the club were unable to prevent their makeup from melting under the scorching Miami heat. He quickly established that there was a gap in the market for long lasting makeup setting sprays. Together with the help of expert Cosmetologists, Goldman built the technology for a temperature controlled formula that allowed for time-released cooling when in contact with the skin. In 2007, Skindinavia began its journey in the makeup kits of film, tv and theatre artists and has now become a firm favourite for makeup artists worldwide.

So what is the science behind it?

Skindinavia claim that there is a direct correlation between the skin’s moisture levels and the longevity of your makeup. The heat from your skin causes moisture to evaporate, taking your makeup along with it. Extreme moisture loss causes the skin to dry out, therefore causing excessive oil production to counteract the dryness. As a result, your makeup begins to fade and cake in some areas due to frequent touch ups. Skindinavia’s patented technology forms a lightweight and breathable barrier between your skin and your makeup. The time-released formula slowly evaporates throughout the day and reduces the temperature of your skin. Your makeup is guaranteed to last up to 16 hours leaving you feeling fresh and cool. The formula is also hypoallergenic, oil-free, paraben-free and non-comedogenic; which means that skin breakouts are controlled.

Skindinavia image 3

The Makeup Primer Spray

Since discovering my first fine line and open pores, I’ve never applied a full face of foundation without a primer. The Makeup Primer Spray promises to provide a fresh and weightless base for your foundation as an alternative to the traditional silicon based gels/creams. The spray bottle is revolutionary and avoids the problem of cross-contamination when using fingers to apply a product. It’s recommended to spritz 2-4 pumps of the bottle in a ‘T’ or ‘X’ shape to ensure full coverage. The ultra-fine mist dries within seconds and doesn’t leave my skin feeling drenched. Infused with vitamins and antioxidants, my skin feels nourished and prepped for the next stage of makeup.

Skindinavia image 4

The Makeup Finishing Spray

The final act to this amazing duo is The Makeup Finishing Spray. This is where the temperature controlled technology comes in and keeps the surface of your skin feeling cool and refreshed. Described as the ‘original authority’ of finishing sprays, it promises to give you that ‘just applied’ look along with a healthy and natural glow. The spray promises to reduce the need for makeup touch ups through out the day so that you can avoid that feeling of ‘cake face’. Applying this product in the same direction as the primer, gives an instant boost for my makeup. Unlike other products, MAC’s Fix + for example; which leaves my skin feeling sticky, this spray does not cling onto any bumps or fine lines.

My first impression?

My first impression upon applying foundation was the smooth application. My skin felt comfortable and non-slippery; which prevents my foundation sliding off my face. As far as staying power goes, my makeup did not budge all day. I’m usually the girl who’s face melts off as soon as the temperature rises, but even testing the formula under the extreme humidity of the London Underground seemed no match for this powerful duo. The oil-control formula was the most impressive in my view. Despite having dry skin, my t-zone usually looks like it’s been slam dunked in a vat full of frying oil by 3pm. This time, however, I didn’t feel the need for blotting sheets or pressed powder touch ups. The formula is very comfortable to wear and the spray bottle reduces my makeup application time.

Skindinavia image 5

You can purchase both sprays directly from the buy finast cheap website. Each spray is priced at $29 (approx £19) each, however, Scandinavia have great value sets and promotional offers all year round. They are currently offering free international delivery for items over $50 and two free travel sized sprays; which is perfect for keeping your makeup in check whilst on the go.

Check out the Skindinavia website buy finast defense.

Have you tried Scandinavia or any other makeup setting sprays? Leave me your first impressions below!