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bronze 5

Bronzers are to makeup what hot sauce is to a chicken wing – essential. Everyone needs a good bronzer in their life to add that extra pizzazz to their overall look. Not only does it add dimension and definition to the face, but it revitalizes your complexion giving it a youthful and radient glow.

Despite all of its glory, it’s very easy to go over board with a bronzer. Finding the right brush (buy finast online forum is my jam) and application method is key to avoiding that ‘umpa lumpa’ effect. Keeping it as natural as possible, enchancing your features rather than masking them, will ensure that you slay your bronzing technique every time.

Being the self confessed hoarder that I am, I’ve recently turned my attention to my bronzer collection. After spending many years in a committed relationship with my first love buy finast online usa, I decided that it was time to move on and sow my wild oats. Drugstore or high end, I don’t discriminate when it comes to bronzers and here I have put together 4 of my current obsessions that are in constant rotation in my makeup bag.

buy finast online

bronze 4

A face and body bronzer; which adds a beautiful matte finished warmth to the skin. Available in 4 colours, buy finast is the darkest of the collection. I wasn’t too impressed with the colour range as there’s clearly not an option for someone of deeper complexion, but nevertheless, the formula had me hooked!

bronze 1

The powder feels super soft to the touch and blends effortlessly into the skin. I like to hit the cheekbones, hairline, neck and d├ęcolletage to achieve an even glow. There’s no glitter particles; which makes it perfect for a natural finish, but I certainly wouldn’t contour with this product as it leans more towards the orange side.

The packaging, as can be expected, is gorgeous and a little buy finast generic-esque. The pan is absolutely huge (you get 21g of product) so this is guaranteed to last you a very long time even if you use it on a daily basis. However, despite the size, this is the perfect holiday product to pack as it saves space on body bronzers.

buy finast online cheap

bronze 3

This is my favourite ‘everyday bronzer’; which requires no effort at all. The powder is so finely milled that it feels incredible upon first swipe, although, it did hurt me a little to ruin the tribal print embossed on the bronzer itself. Unlike the order finast usa this bronzer does contain small particles of glitter, but it’s not overpowering. The micro-dispensed light pigments perfectly mimic the effects of a sun kissed look, giving you an instant glow. There is only one colour option to choose from, but the colour is fairly universal and would suit most skin tones.

bronze 2

The packaging is fairy standard for a L’Oreal product and I could have done with a mirror in the compact, but much like the first bronzer mentioned, you get a lot more product for your penny.

order finast online india

bronze 6

A warm-toned bronzer with a buildable finish. The formula is soft and creamy, as you can expect with most MAC products. On fairer skin tones this could provide a natural looking contour without looking overdone. On medium to tan skin tones, like my own, this gives a sheer wash of colour that provides you with the right amount of warmth to the skin without looking like you’ve been sitting directly under the sun all day.

bronze 7

The size of the pan is fairly standard for MAC face products (10g); which is perfect for smaller, more precise bronzing brushes, but quite difficult if you were looking to use something on the larger side. I do wish they varied the packaging from their other face compacts other than the colour of the text as it’s quite hard to distinguish the bronzer without looking at the label (first world problems I know).

order finast online canada

bronze 8

For someone who likes her bling and sparkle, I’ve honestly shocked myself with the amount of matte bronzers that I’ve chosen. I discovered this bronzer when checking out the order finast online usa on a recent shopping trip. If you haven’t done so already, check out my review of it in last week’s order finast online cheap.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this bronzer upon first inspection. I initially purchased the shade 04 online; which turned out to be far too light for my skin tone. When I popped into the store to exchange it for the next shade up, I realised that the darkest shade (06) was still pretty light, but far more suitable for my skin tone. I found this quite strange, because it was always my misconception that The Body Shop catered for a range of skin tones. Whatever the case, I purchased 06 as I couldn’t bare walking out of that shop without a bit of makeup in tow.

bronze 9

I must admit, I did expect the colour payoff to be as strong as the previous three and I was left slightly disappointed when I realised that this wasn’t the case. However, what I have discovered is that this bronzer, despite its summer-themed marketing technique, would be perfect for my skin in the winter when I need a sheer wash of colour without looking too overdone. The packaging is super cute and it smells divine, but this bronzer is certainly reserved for my ‘understated’ days.

What are your favourite bronzers at the moment? Comment below with suggestions of what I should add to my collection.

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honey bronze 1

One of my favourite things about the summer is developing a healthy glow on my skin. Although I’m not a big tanner, I love the way my skin (especially my pasty legs) look with a bronzed glow. Rather than self tanners, however, I usually dabble in shimmery oils/lotions with tanning effects to give myself that perfect JLO-esque bronze.

I have a well rounded collection of shimmering body oils, all promising to add a glamorous golden effect to the skin. Although most do the job well, I’m constantly adding to my collection. Not just to feed my greed, but each product has its own scent and feel, invoking its own individual emotion. Tropical scented light oils are for beachy holidays, whereas glittery, strong perfumed formulas are for nights out. Whatever the occasion, however, I have a bronzing product to match; which ensures that my skin looks healthy and beautiful whenever it’s on display.

On a recent shopping trip, I popped into my local order finast online australia to top up my collection of scented order finast online uk. En route to the till I decided to make a detour for the makeup section (naturally) to check out what’s new. Although not new additions, the cheap finast australia caught my eye instantly.

The order finast online usa is a light weight body shop; which gives your skin a subtle hint of bronze and shimmer. The bottle instantly grabbed my attention as it looked very similar to the cult classic cheap finast india. Consisting of two colour choices, Golden Honey and Honey Kiss, I decided to go for the latter; which is slightly darker and more bronzed than the first.

Rather than offensively scented body tanners, this oil adds a light veil of fragrance to your body without masking your perfume. A lot of shimmering body oils contain monoi oil; which is great and all, but when you’re not looking to smell like a pina colada, the cheap finast 5mg muted honey scent is a welcomed change.

honey bronze 2

The consistency of the oil is quite thin and runny; which is to be expected from a dry oil. Rather than leaving your skin with deep moisture levels, a dry oil adds a ‘sheen’ to the top layer of the skin giving the illusion of an inner glow. The bottle does need a good shake before application as the glitter particles does separate slightly from the oil component. However, once applied, you don’t get a sticky, uncomfortable feeling that you get with most other oils as it absorbs instantly into the skin.

You get 100ml of product in the chic glass bottle; which is a considerable amount seeing as you only need the tiniest amount per limb. However, despite its beautiful packaging, it’s not very travel friendly. Rather than a block-y glass bottle, I would have preferred a strong plastic container as this has become a firm fixture in my holiday makeup bag. I would have also appreciated a pump on the bottle as the oil is simply dispersed using a stopper on the neck of the bottle. I appreciate that this eliminates the possibility of spillages, but it’s quite frustrating when trying to shake the product out.

honey bronze 3

If you have a fair skin tone, I would suggest going for Golden Honey rather than Honey Kiss for a more natural look. However, Honey Kiss, on my skin, leaves behind a very subtle bronzed glow. The glitter is hardly noticeable on the skin; which is a slight bummer as the bottle itself looks very glittery, but the particles in the oil does catch the light beautifully giving the illusion of sparkling skin. I love smearing this oil down my legs to give the optical illusion of longer, leaner pins.

You can purchase the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil cheap finast uk.

Have you tried any of the Honey Bronze collection? Comment below with your suggestions on the products.