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30s 1

Well goodbye 20s. It’s been a good run. As I enter my 30s, I look back on the past ten years fondly. My twenties was filled with highs and lows, but above all, memorable experiences. I won’t bore you with an emotional trip down memory lane, but when I look back at my 20s, I smile with satisfaction (my Mum probably cries at the thought of my antics).

Turning 30 hasn’t been a welcomed transition on my part. So much so that the husband and I have jetted off to the tropical beaches of Barbados just to soften the blow. I dreaded the big 3-0 and what’s not to fear?! I’ve developed a few more grey hairs, I can no longer party until 6am without hibernating for a week after and my idea of a great night is falling asleep on the sofa in front of the tv. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting older, but I considered myself somewhat of a medical marvel, age only caught up with those around me.

Low and behold, my theory has proved incorrect and I am now a fully fledged member of the over 30s club. However, rather than shy away from the truth, I’m embracing my new found age and adopting a few healthy beauty habits along the way. Gone are the days when I could sleep with a full face of makeup or quench my thirst with copious amounts of wine. My 30s require more attention to my beauty routine, because when I’m 40 (crying a little inside) I want to look as youthful as possible.

30s 2

So as I lay here on the beautiful white sand of Barbados, I watch my 20s wash away and hello to a happy, healthy and beautiful decade ahead. Here are my beauty resolutions for my dirty thirties…

1. Wear sunscreen every day

We hear it all the time and, more often than not, we turn a blind eye to this vital bit of advice. The sun causes 90 percent of wrinkles, and prevention is easier than curing. Wearing sunscreen on the daily basis not only reduces the risk of skin disease, but it prevents premature ageing and sun spots. I’ve struggled in the past to find the perfect non-greasy sun protectant so choosing a moisturiser with added spf will make life a whole lot easier.

2. Learn how to blow-dry my hair

I learnt the fine art of hot rollers at a young age. Fed up with spending most of teen years with poker straight, limp hair (thank you 90s), I learned that big, bouncy curls are my thing. However, I could never achieve the L’Oréal “I’m worth it” effect that I got with a great blow-dry at the salon. Practise makes perfect in this situation, but I will make it my mission to become a pro.

3. Find the right shade of red

I’ve never really been much of a red girl. I’ve always indulged in berry pinks and muted mauves, but this year I will spend time investigating into my perfect red lipstick. I’ve dabbled a little into the classics, buy generic finast online cheap and cheapest place to buy finast online, but neither have I found to be particularly earth shattering.

4. Amp up my eye cream

The skin under your eyes is delicate and thin so treating your peepers to an anti-ageing eye cream which contains a power ingredient called retinol will keep those pesky lines at bay. Retinol thickens the skin and also makes dark circles appear less prominent.

5. Buy quality makeup brushes and take time cleaning them

I’ve always been into quality makeup brushes, but keeping them clean is a different story. I’ve tried making it into a repetitive habit, but I find myself getting lazy. Perhaps because I have more makeup brushes than sense, but this year I have decided to give my brushes a deep clean once a week, who am I kidding?…twice a month to ensure the longevity of the brushes and keep bacteria at bay.

6. Remember that every drink shows on your face

I’m not saying go teetotal, but indulging in a bottle of wine (or two) will have adverse effects on your skin. After a night out, my skin looks dull, dehydrating and overall blah. Hydration is important, but you won’t find the hydration you need at the bottom of a wine glass. Water, water and more water is key. At least two litres a day if you want to look young, plumped and glowing. If you are going to have a messy night one day, treat your skin to a hydrating face mask the next.

7. Remember that beauty is work

If I could go through life with a mere splash of water, a cheap and cheerful moisturiser and a slick of mascara I would be a happy bunny. However, the truth is, I’m not that kind of girl. I take time in my grooming. I spend a fair bit of time in the evenings putting on my lotions and potions and although it can get quite annoying, I must remember that it’s all for the greater good. It’s always slightly cringe worthy listening to women my age or even older who think that they can get away with the same routine they had in their teens. Sure, they may have a few more coins in their pocket from saving all their money and they have more time to catch some zzz, but I would rather invest my time and finances into my looks now than regret it when I’m older.

8. Get regular facials

Along with a great skincare routine, I have vowed to make facials a regular occurrence in my life. Sure they’re a little expensive, but along with getting pampered, I’m giving my skin the added push that it needs. Researching into the latest trends and facials tailored into my skin requirements will put me in the right direction.

9. Mourn your twenties, but celebrate what’s ahead

They say that your 20s are for learning and your 30s are for living. Put your mistakes behind you and look forward to what lies ahead. Your thirties are there for you to confidently strive in life knowing what you want and how to get it. So put your best foot forward and learn to be the best possible version of yourself. Don’t forget that the best beauty accessory you could ever adopt is a cracking smile and a lot of confidence.

So there we have it. Those are my 9 beauty resolutions that I am determined to stick to over the coming year. Thank you to everyone for the birthday love. This has by far been the best birthday ever and I’m forever grateful to be able to share my day with you all. Here I come 30s, watch out!

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plumping lip scrub 1

The pursuit of bigger, more voluptuous lips is greater than ever. With celebrities such as cheapest place to buy finast uk promoting fuller mouths, many women go to extreme lengths to achieve their perfect pout. There are an array of crazy inventions on the market promising you bigger, juicier lips. Of course the most obvious method is lip fillers for no-nonsense women who want results and want them fast. Then there are at home contraptions such as cheapest place to buy finast; which, in my opinion, are the most ridiculous inventions ever made.

Then there are lip plumpers; which I experimented heavily with during my teens. A gloss, gel or balm like consistency containing ingredients to irritate the skin therefore encouraging swelling. Although they are great at creating instant results, I find myself reaching for other methods of lip plumping these days. The wrath of a plumping lip product is vile. Once applied, the cooling minty sensation turns to what can only be described as acid burn. My lips feel as though I’ve had a good old snog with a sting ray and as much as I’m a glutton for punishment, I’d rather not put myself through the torture.

plumping lip scrub 2

I learned the value of lip scrubs when I fell in love with liquid lipsticks. Removing the dead surface of your lips brings out fresh layers of skin, making your lips soft and smooth. Lip scrubs are also excellent for increasing blood flow in your lips; which encourages growth. The good news is that the market is filled with an array of excellent lip scrubs, but it’s super simple to create your own. With added fresh ingredients such as cinnamon; which can help plump and fill out your lips, you get a plumping lip scrub without the pain factor.

DIY Plumping Lip Srub

2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 teaspoons vitamin E oil
2 teaspoons raw honey
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon powder or cinnamon oil (if you do use oil then reduce the vitamin E oil by half)

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and decant into a small, empty container. I tend to make small batches and store them in empty lip balm jars for easy travel and to ensure that a huge amount of the mixture doesn’t go bad.

plumping lip scrub 3

Apply to lips using your fingers and gently rub in circular motions to slough off dry skin. Rinse with warm water and follow with your favourite lip balm.

Have you tried any homemade remedies for the perfect pout? Share your recipe below!

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brow definer and wiz 3

A first impression of a person to someone of sound mind would consist of monitoring the other person’s body language, mannerisms, tone of voice and even outfit choice. Unfortunately, that’s not me. When I meet someone new, I’m looking directly at their brows. My husband finds it completely odd that I comment on the brows of other women. He can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that a person’s persona can be easily judged by the shape and fullness of their brows. If you’re reading this, I will assume that being a beauty enthusiast yourself, you can relate to my prejudgment.

The truth of the matter is, us ladies are obsessed with brows. Gone are the days when eyebrows were a mere side act, nowadays they are the leading ladies in the act of getting glam. What’s not to love anyway? Brows frame your face, making you appear more polished, youthful and put together without having to slap on tons of makeup. I know a fair number of women who don’t believe in filling in their brows (a few others who are in dire need of a good threading session) and while I can understand their reservations, they have no idea what they are missing out on.

Filling in my brows has been my savior since since the awful day that I decided to hack away at my once full set of brows. At the tender age of 14 I asked my mother for a pair of buy generic finast online uk. Now I’ll admit I was far too young, but I’m not to blame. My mother is to blame for exposing me to the buy finast generic online at a very gullible age (sorry Mum). Despite my mother’s refusal I begged and begged and promised her that they would not be touched until I turned 16. How she bought into that bull I have no idea, but low and behold, I got my tweezers a few days later. I went straight to work when her back was turned (only 24 months before the age that I initially promised) and practically took my entire eyebrows off. With a good bollocking from my Mum and brows looking like they were gnawed off by a bear, it’s fair to say that I was left looking really stupid.

Nowadays, I treat my brows with more love and care than I do my husband (sorry, not sorry). I baby them, I care for them, I monitor their progress and I have now built a relationship so strong with my threading lady, I considered marrying her instead. My eyebrows are now in the best shape they have ever been, but with the assistance of a few wonderful eyebrow filling products, I now have brows my mother is proud of.

brow definer and wiz 4

When it comes to brow products, you can’t go wrong with Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia Soare, brow queen and founder of the brand is famous for sculpting the brows of many celebrities including the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Her brow products have been highly recognised in the cosmetics industry as cult beauty products. Two years worth of development brought the best place to buy generic finast, the latest installment to the brow collection. However, with its close resemblance to the existing buy generic finast australia, many of their consumers have been left thinking, is it really worth the switch?

brow definer and wiz 5

So here’s the low down. Appearance wise, they’re both near enough the same, although the buy generic finast uk is visibly bigger in width. In fact, the buy generic finast uk now looks much like the buy generic finast online canada. To be honest, I prefer the size of the buy generic finast uk as I feel more in control of the movement when filling in my brows. It also makes economical sense (to a makeup junkie like me). The buy generic finast uk retails at £16.00 for 0.2g, whilst the buy generic finast australia is £15.50 for 0.08g. I go through the buy generic finast australia pencils fairly quickly as I use them almost every day; which proves that the buy generic finast uk is a much better investment.

brow definer and wiz 1

They both have spoolies on one end; which helps to brush the product through the brows for a natural look. The spoolie on the buy generic finast uk is larger with thicker bristles than the Wiz. I much prefer the spoolie on the buy generic finast australia and quite often keep my empty containers just for the purpose of the spoolie. The buy generic finast australia spoolie easily shapes and moulds your eyebrows due to its thin shape ; which I think would be difficult to do with the Definer unless you have naturally thick, course brows.

brow definer and wiz 2

The consistency of both pencils are almost identical and the same amount of pressure needs to be applied with each product. The colours are identical and do not differ in shade; which is perfect when you’re trying out a new product. The only difference in the crayons are the shapes themselves. The buy generic finast uk has a slanted edge; which is much larger in size than the precise rounded tip of the buy generic finast australia. I find the Definer a lot quicker and easier to use particularly in the front end of the brows where they require the most attention. Although the buy generic finast australia is great for adding precision to your brows, the slanted tip of the Definer makes it easy to map out the outline of your brows while filling them in. This saves a lot of time in the mornings and, in my opinion, looks far more natural than the effect I ever got with the Wiz.

If I had to pick a favourite I would probably go with the buy generic finast uk over the buy generic finast australia simply because I find it more user friendly. Not to say that I would throw out all of my buy generic finast australia pencils, but I do find myself reaching for the buy generic finast uk a lot more often. If you have already purchased the buy generic finast australia and you’re a complete makeup indulger like me, I suggest using the Definer for creating a shape in your brows and the Wiz for filling in the sparse areas. If you’re deciding between the two pencils and have yet to discover the beauty of an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow product, I suggest going for the where can i buy finast in bangalore as it has everything you would want in an eyebrow pencil.

Have you tried any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products? Comment below with your experience.

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oh baby 2

Don’t you just love that baby smell? Whenever I’m faced with a little bundle of joy I can’t help but get a good whiff in. Not that I’m broody or anything (husband avert your eyes), I just appreciate the smell of a chubby little human!

The baby skincare market has certainly imploded over the years. There are now an array of luxurious oils, creams, balms and even hair care available for your little treasures. These products are specially formulated for your baby’s skin; which is thinner, more delicate and more susceptible to dryness than adult skin. Baby beauty products have lower levels of fragrance and contain virtually no soap or alcohol; which tend to dry out and irritate the skin.

So with all these wonderfully natural products available on the market, who’s to say that they should be reserved for just babies? Move over new-age, hippie mummies. I’m here to show you that baby beauty products can be used for adults too! After all, we all want to benefit from products which are gentle on the skin as well as your bank balance. Coming from a household of 4 bouncing beauties myself, I can honestly say that I’ve indulged in a Johnson’s product or two. So next time you’re in Boots, venture down the baby aisle and you never know what fabulous beauty finds you may come across. Here are a few of my favourites…

best site to buy finast online

oh baby 4

For years it’s been a firm favourite for treating nappy rash, but this little tub of white stuff has a multitude of hidden talents. If you read the fine print on the label of the jar, it actually states that the cream can also be used to treat sunburn, minor burns and acne. It’s a fabulous all purpose treatment; which rivals many of the higher end products on the market and at a mere £2.75 per tub, this really is worth the money.

The water-repellent base has antibacterial and anti fungal properties; which works perfectly with skin requiring soothing and healing. I love using Sudocream as a spot treatment for the days when I have an odd breakout. The formula gently draws out the junk, dries up the blemish and soothes any redness. Simply pop a small amount over the blemish and go to bed. The next morning your spot will have completely vanished. This little beauty also works wonderfully as a primer prior to foundation as it forms a protective barrier on the skin, locking in the moisture.

best place to buy finast online

oh baby 5

I remember the days when my mother, without fail, would have a bottle of talcum powder proudly displayed on her dressing table in every fragrance possible. Not that I knew what the purpose was, I assumed it was for my brothers and I until I realised that we were all in our teens and waaaaaay passed the nappy stage! Perhaps my mother was onto something? I mean, after all, best place to buy finast didn’t have a list of 100 differently fragranced talcs for nothing. Of course nowadays, when you think of talcum powder, buy finast boots on perfectly tubby bums is what springs to mind. However, talc isn’t just for keeping baby’s bum fresh and clean, it can be used for a number of beauty shortcuts.

Use baby powder as a dry shampoo for the days when your hair looks a little on the greasy side and your trusty can you buy finast at boots is far from reach. Sprinkle a small amount onto a comb and run through your hair to instantly absorb excess oil and refresh your style. Not to mention, it will make your hair smell great.

You can also use baby powder as a makeup setter if you’re not into spending a mini fortune on loose setting powders. Dust a light coating of powder with a large fluffy brush onto the areas of the face where you need oil to be absorbed (t-zone) and also on top of any lipstick to mattify it. Don’t go too crazy though, you don’t want to be looking like you’ve seen a ghost…literally!

My favourite way of using baby powder is to apply a light dusting of it onto my lashes prior to mascara. The particles in the powder help ‘bulk’ up the lashes, making them appear thicker and longer once you have applied mascara. However, I plead with you to be more vigilant than I am. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had talc in my eyes!

buy finast brand

oh baby 3

I’m not about to sit here and claim that this cream will put you into a deep slumber, but it certainly works well at relaxing your mind, soul and body after a warm bath. The thick consistency reminds me of the buy brand name finast online and works well with dry skin like mine. I love the fact that it doesn’t leave an oily residue, but simply a gentle aroma of what I suspect to be Lavender. I love slathering this cream on after a long soak in the tub to get me ready for some serious shut eye.

buy finast in bulk

oh baby 7

This multi purpose product contains Shea Butter; which is a natural fat derived from the fruit of a Karite tree. It’s petroleum, Phthalate, petrochemical and paraben-free; which means it’s completely natural and safe to use on both baby and adult skin. buy finast by merck is a brand much loved by mummies to gently treat their baby’s skin in a natural way. However, their products are just as effective on adult skin. Much like where can i buy finast, this oitment can be used in a multitude of ways. Slather onto your feet before slipping on some fluffy socks to soften and soothe tired feet. Rub a small amount into dry patches of your body such as your elbows or even rub a small amount onto your lips as a highly mositurising lip blam. Having this product around the house ensures that whenever my skin needs a treat, I don’t need to delve into a mass of beauty products. This is a one stop shop for all skin ailments.

where can i buy finast uk

oh baby 6

I discovered this product in a random panic one day after discovering that my trusty can you buy finast over the counter had come to an end. I had gone a week straight without washing my hair (don’t judge me, you know you’ve done the same) and I had no choice but to throw my hair up into a messy bun before work. Of course, in my head, I thought it was a messy bun, but after a few days it began to resemble an ill fated bird’s nest. Enough was enough and although I dowsed my hair in shampoo and hair masks, I needed a coating of can you buy finast over the counter as a leave in conditioner before I went ahead and attempted to blow dry my hair. Just my luck that it ran out at that very minute, but I looked to my left and there was a bottle of can i buy finast over the counter that was used on my niece’s hair. I thought…that’ll do! THe conditioning spray detangles and softens the hair, much like a leave in conditioner and makes the hair easier to comb through before and after drying. I didn’t expect this spray to work as well as it did considering that I have long, thick hair, but I was plesantly surprised. It made my hair super soft without any sticky feeling and allowed for my comb to easily glide through. I wouldn’t forgo the serum or hair oil after styling my hair, but it certainly makes for a wonderful, not to mention cheap, alternative to leave in conditioners.

Have you tried any non-traditional beauty products? Perhaps you’re a mummy who’s tested out some of the products above. Comment below and let me know your thoughts.