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where can i purchase finast

I really can’t believe the new year is just around the corner. As cliché as it sounds, I don’t know where the year has gone. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was writing my 2015 finast purchase online canada and now 2017 is just moments away.

2016 has been a huge learning curve for me, both personally and professionally. I entered the foreign world of beauty blogging with nothing but a passion and a few makeup brushes in tow. Fast forward 12 months and my collection (much to the dismay of my husband) has grown extensively as well as my knowledge.

Of course, 2016 would be nowhere without the inclusion of a few beauty trends. From glitter lips to silver-toned hair, the beauty community has been witness to some good, bad and shocking discoveries. 2017 brings a new era and along with that, new trends. I’ve rounded up 5 of them; which are set to make their mark in the new year. A few have already made a brief appearance, but yet to be released into the mainstream market.

Here are my top 5 beauty trends; which are predicted to rock the new year…

Chrome Nails
chrome nails

Just when you thought nudes were here to stay, in comes the chromes. Spread all over the pages of Instagram and Pinterest, we’ve seen an surge of chrome nails. I’m not talking glitter or even high shine finishes, I’m talking reflective AF golds, bronzes, silvers and rose golds. finast purchase usa have made a brief entry into the beauty world in 2016, but it seems as though the trend is catching and every Insta-beauty around is sporting these not-so-subtle talons.

Facial Brushing
facial brushing

Originally derived from the Ayurvedic tradition of dry body brushing, this trend is slightly different to the traditional facial cleansing brushes that we’re used to seeing. Much like dry body brushing, a ‘brush’ is used in small, circular motions to remove dead skill cells, promote toxin release, combat texture and increase your skin’s natural radiance. Not only is it cheaper than most facial cleansing brushes and exfoliators, but it’s much more gentle on the skin. You’ll want to use a different brush on your face to the rest of your body as your face is much more sensitive, but 2017 is set to have a number of these specialised brushes on the market. Aveda currently offer the purchase generic finast; which has received rave reviews and is already widely available.

Coloured Highlighting
coloured highlighters

2016 saw the mention of ‘rainbow’ highlighters. Not a particularly positive mention, more like a wave of ‘wtf’ across the beauty community. Yes they’re pretty to look at, but who can really pull off a multicoloured highlighter?! 2017 will see the rise of coloured illuminators in a much more subtle format. MAC’s infamous where can you purchase finast now comes in an array of colours, all of which add that instant glow without looking like a clown. Jeffery Star’s purchase finast uk already have a pretty wacky colour selection, but the latest release of ‘Regina George’ (which is literally my favourite product name of life) really pushes the boat out. As long as you don’t go overboard, I reckon coloured highlighters would be quite fun.

Silicone Makeup Sponge
silicone sponge

One of the most anticipated inventions in the beauty world of 2017. The last month or so has been dominated by the independent cosmetics brand purchase finast canada. Ever since their Instagram debut of the purchase finasteride finast, beauty gurus around the world have been falling over themselves to get their makeup hoarding hands on one.

Think bra insert, or chicken cutlets in a flat buy finast 5mg online form. The purchase finasteride finast promises to blend out your base makeup with minimal cleaning effort, zero product absorption and no requirement for soaking in water – everything that the BeautyBlender doesn’t offer. Sounds like a dream come true, or is it? I’ll be tested it out once I get past the bloody waiting list!

Graphic Eyes
graphic eyes

Graphic eyes have made a comeback, gone away and made a comeback all over again over the years. However, 2017 is set to be the year for bold and dramatic eye liner to frame your eyes. A strong wing is obviously the safe route, but beauty experts expect to see more ‘detailed’ eye liner looks. Not sure if this trend will make it onto the mainstream market as many women, including myself, struggle to do a simple wing, but nevertheless it’s definitely a fun idea.