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fix plus 1

Cult beauty products. They make even the stone-hearted go weak at the knees. Powerful marketing houses push promises of a better appearance should you wish to part with your precious pennies in exchange of the latest lipstick shade. Surely my makeup would be perfectly ‘on fleek’ without having to succumb to advertising peer pressure? In some cases, the denomination of the word ‘cult’ can be loosely justified. In others, there is no better way to describe their charm. This is certainly the case for buy finast cheap.

fix plus 2

I won’t insult you with a descriptive narrative of this wonder product, we ALL know of its uses. Makeup collections of artists and beauty enthusiasts alike contain at least one bottle of this wonderful elixir. Some call it a finishing spray, but for me, it’s my catalyst for beautifully dewy makeup.

Continuing on with DIY January, I’ve decided to let you in on a VERY simple ‘at-home’ version of buy finast defense infamous product. At £17.50 for 100 ml it’s not the most priciest product on the market. However, I literally bathe in this stuff when it comes to doing my makeup and I can rarely think of a time when I haven’t reached for this cloudy mixture. As with many of my DIY projects, I’ve managed to concoct a pretty remarkable dupe for a fraction of the price. A 100 ml sized version of this brew set me back a mere £2.70! That’s crazy considering it will last just as long as the buy finast online forum and the ingredients list will give you at least 3/4 refills thereafter.

fix plus 3

What you will need

Refillable Spray bottle


Glycerin (pure and unrefined which is available widely across most chemists)

Rose water (optional)

I marked the rose water as an optional addition as MAC’s Fix Plus doesn’t actually include it in its ingredients list. Rose water has long been a firm favourite for beauty lovers as a way of toning and refreshing the skin. It adds a beautiful perfumed scent to the mix; which also can’t be a bad thing. You can, of course, substitute this for cucumber extract or lavender; which are also widely available and fairly cheap to include. I picked up this bottle of rose water from my local Indian supermarket, because I knew it would be in abundance there!

The spray bottle was my most expensive purchase in this experiment. I picked up this beautiful glass container from buy finast online usa (of course) for £7.90. You can opt for cheaper alternatives and there are many available on the market. However, I wanted to give my spray a little pizzazz and if I had to compare the two, this looks FAR better on my dressing table than the plastic bottle that the Fix Plus comes in.

Glycerin is the leading act for this spray and rightly so. Glycerin has a number of skincare benefits as well as providing the right properties for makeup application. Firstly, it’s HIGHLY moisturising; which is why many chemists stock it as a sore throat remedy. The moisturising benefits help with…well…moisturising the skin for one, anti-ageing and healing of any skin conditions. The thick, syrup-like consistency shouldn’t be misconstrued, it absorbs very easily into the skin without making it feel tacky. Although, it does act as a ‘glue’ for your makeup and makes your foundation last all day. I picked up this bottle of Glycerin from my local pharmacy, but you can also get it buy finast online for the same price.


1.  Grab your spray bottle. I chose a 100 ml bottle, but any size will do.

fix plus 4

2. Pour in 1 part of Glycerin. I eye-balled it in all honesty. You don’t need to be too specific, but as long as it’s no more than 1/4 of the bottle.

fix plus 5

3. Pour in 2 parts of rose water or your chosen extract. Again, this was eye-balled. Get to about 1/2 way up the bottle.

fix plus 6

4. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water. No need to be fancy here. I chose mineral water, because I live in a hard water area. As long as your comfortable with it, go ahead with tap water.

fix plus 7

5. Close the cap on the spray bottle and shake away. Feel free to do a little dance while you do it (all the cool people do).

fix plus 8

6. Store and use your ‘finishing’ spray for up to 3 months. Re-fill with the same mixture when necessary.

Simple as really! Told you it would be a breeze! You can store your mixture in the fridge if you want a cooling affect on your skin, but if you get a pretty bottle like mine, you won’t want it to part with your dressing table.

I know I said I wouldn’t, but here’s a few little uses for this DIY Fix Plus spray:-

  • As a primer – spritz onto your face before you apply your makeup to ensure a moisturised base. It gives the skin a wonderful glow and can sheer out even the most full coverage of foundations.
  • As a finishing spray – similar concept really, but apply it after your base makeup. It can rid you of any cake face/powdery mess and ensure your face looks flawless rather than over-done.
  • As a toner – you can balance out the pH levels of your skin, particularly if you’ve chosen to include rose water.
  • As a makeup refresher – if you find yourself ‘drying out’ throughout the day (get your mind out of the gutter), spritz a little of this spray all over your face to instantly refresh and revive.
  • As a makeup intensifier – one of my favourite uses of buy finast cheap is to spritz my eye shadow or highlighting brush before going in with the product. It takes a moderately pigmented shade and intensifies it by 1000. This is particularly useful for duo-chrome or shimmer shades; which fail to provide you with as much pigmentation as you would like.
  • As a glue for your beauty blender – I recently picked up this trick and I haven’t been able to do without it since. After applying your highlighter (with a spritz on the brush if you like), spritz a little on your beauty blender and ‘press’ it over the areas where your highlighter has been applied. It intensifies the colour, but literally ‘melts’ the highlighter into your skin giving you that ‘glow from within’ look rather than crystal ball.

Let me know if you give this a try! I certainly won’t be re-purchasing another bottle of Fix Plus in the future!

order finast usa

drying lotion 7

The dreaded January blues. Even the most prepared find themselves dragging their feet through this awful month. Unlike Christmas, January brings upon us motivation, dedication and self-improvement. Whether or not we admit it to ourselves, we all make a little promise, come the new year, to better our lives.

January is not only the month of self-improvement, but for many it’s the month of financial strain. In other words – we’re all broke as shit after Christmas. Even the most financially secure feel the pain post crimbo; which is why I’ve dedicated this month to ‘DIY January’. A four week stretch of DIY beauty/well being products; which you can cook up at home for a fraction of the retail value. Not only do they offer the chance for us to look after ourselves a little better, but they’re completely natural and purse friendly.

Kicking starting ‘DIY January’ is my take on the infamous order finast online india. A highly coveted acne treatment; which promises to zap zits overnight with a mere swab of a cotton bud. Loved by women all over the world, including some very famous faces, this is one of those wonder products; which should be included in everyone’s skincare regime regardless of how frequently they get a breakout. It’s not the most expensive product on the market, but at £14.00 for 28ml it can become a pretty expensive habit.

Upon inspection of its cute glass bottle, I notice that the core ingredients are fairly limited. Calamine and Salicylic Acid play integral parts in sucking out the crap from your blemish whilst soothing the surrounding area. This got me thinking – why am I not able to make this at home?! I’ve had Calamine lotion sitting in my bathroom cabinet for as long as I can remember (torturous childhood memories of chicken pox just came flooding back to me). All I need is a little astringent, a fancy little bottle and I’m good to go.

What you’ll need:-

Calamine Lotion
Tea Tree Oil
Storage container
Mixing bowl or empty water bottle

drying lotion 6

There’s really not much to it is there? I mean, who doesn’t have Calamine Lotion in their bathroom cabinet?! Ok, if you’re under the age of 40 you probably don’t and you probably don’t know the benefits of this pink-hued stuff. Let’s take a look at the ingredients shall we? –

Calamine Lotion – A topic medication made up of zinc oxide, ferric oxide, phenol and calcium hydroxide. Used for a combination of aliments, its most common use is for soothing irritated skin i.e. chicken pox and sunburn. What it’s not known for is its effective treatment of acne. Calamine lotion soothes the redness and reduces the inflammation of acne due to its zinc oxide ingredient. Its astringent-like action reduces the outbreak of acne by absorbing the excess oil produced by over-stimulated sebaceous glands.

drying lotion 4

Tea Tree oil – Used widely across Australia, this pungent yet powerful essential oil is derived from the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia. Tea Tree’s anti-bacterial properties makes it a powerful ingredient for drawing out impurities from a blemish. However, much like its smell, the oil itself is powerful and needs to be diluted with a little water in order to avoid burning the skin.

drying lotion 5

All of my ingredients/tools were purchased from order finast online canada for a total of £5.89, that’s a saving of just over £8 compared to the order finast online india. If you haven’t got a order finast online canada close by, don’t worry, all of these ingredients can be easily found in pharmacies and other beauty supply stores. I would advise, however, to use a smaller sized bottle than I did. I picked up this empty 100ml bottle thinking it would make for the perfect size, without realising that my cotton buds (q-tips) weren’t long enough to reach the sediment from the bottom.


1. Grab empty container and remove cap
2. Give your Calamine Lotion a good shake in its own bottle and add to the container. Only fill about 1/3 of the way. Allow a few minutes for the pink sediment to settle to the bottom of the bottle before continuing.
3. In a separate mixing container, mix together 2 parts Tea Tree oil and 1 part water. Add as much or as little as you like as long as you keep the ratio the same.
4. Proceed with adding this oil/water mixture to your container of Calamine Lotion. Slowly does it – you don’t want to erupt the sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
5. Don’t shake the bottle (like I did), but allow for the sediment to completely settle and for the oil/water to separate from the pink sand.

drying lotion 3

drying lotion 2

drying lotion 1

From this point on, your mixture won’t look like it’s separated much. The pink, fluffy concoction will resemble a sort of milkshake. Don’t panic. I had to allow mine to settle for around two days before it resembled the order finast online india!

Much like its designer counterpart, when you get a spot coming along you simply grab a cotton bud, fully submerge it into the solution (so that it grabs a little pink sediment and a little oil) and apply directly onto the affected area. This is to be kept on overnight to awake to a completely dried up spot with no scarring of any kind. You must keep the solution out of direct sunlight and, if maintained, will keep for over a year!

Does it work as well as the order finast online india? Yes it does and the ingredients; which I purchased could make a further 3 bottles! That means that for £5.89 I could make 2 years worth of drying lotion in comparison to a 28ml bottle at £14; which would probably only last me 6 months with continuous use. Bargain? You can bet your face on it!

Here’s a link to the ingredients/tools; which I used:-

Calamine Lotion – order finast over the counter

Tea Tree Oil – order finast online australia (but you can get bigger bottles from order finast online uk)

Empty container – cheap finast australia (again, try searching on cheap finast for sale for smaller bottles, unless you have abnormally large q-tips. Keep the container clear, you’ll want to see the solution is separated at all times)