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I have recently re-discovered a long lost love. Lush has always been one of those stores I would walk past and enjoy the delicious aroma, but never felt the urge to visit. Although, I appreciate the notion that their products are not tested on animals and the ingredients are 100% natural, I never really bought into the idea of organic skincare.

I was in desperate need of some new skincare. I love trying out new products and always jump ship when it comes to skincare brands. This time I decided to give Lush a whirl.

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Touch wood, I’ve never had any major issues with my skin. I rarely get break outs, and I’m not super sensitive. That said, my skin is predominantly dry. I can never go a day without moisturising and certainly after I cleanse the first thing I reach for is a thick, luxurious cream to soothe my skin.

When I first came across Skin Drink I was a little disappointed. I always expected Lush products to smell as amazing as the waft of perfume you get when you enter a store, however, I didn’t care for the smell of this moisturiser. Perhaps it’s the sesame or nerobi oil, but the smell is slightly pungent rather than sweet. I still, however, decided to purchase the item. After all, smell doesn’t count (unless you’re a true Lush-a-holic).

I must warn you, if you do not have very dry skin, you will not like this product. If you do, however, crave for nourishment and hydration (my two favourite words in skincare) you will absolutely fall in love.

The consistency feels very liquid upon first swipe. I am so used to using thick, marshmallow-type creams that this felt like it wasn’t going to moisturise as well as others. This was a massive misconception! The product melts easily into the skin without leaving you with an oily residue. Your face feels nourished and well cared for when using this moisturiser and it holds up well against extreme weather conditions.

I am certainly up for purchasing this moisturiser again, however, I am interested in learning about the other moisturisers they have available for dry skin.

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This is a deep cleansing back and facial mask that really delivers! Unlike Lush’s fresh facial masks, this is self preserving; which means it does not need to be refrigerated. I have not yet had a chance to check out the fresh masks, but I’ve heard so many good things about this mask that I couldn’t resist the purchase.

Technically this mask is for deep cleansing oily skin, but I absolutely love the feeling of squeaky clean pores. The smell is nothing short of amazing. I’m not the biggest fan of mint, but this mask smells and looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Although refridgeration is not required, I would highly recommend placing this mask in the fridge before application to give your skin that cool, refreshed feeling.

The mask is jam packed with ingredients that will literally draw out the ‘junk’ from your pores. If you are a fan of the Glam Glow mud masks you would be no stranger to the effect that this mask also gives. There’s Kaolin Clay to absorb oil and deep cleanse, Peppermint Oil to cool and refresh, Honey to moisturise and Aduki Beans to gently exfoliate and renew the skin. There are fourteen ingredients in total, thirteen of which are natural.

The mask can be used up to twice a week, depending on skin type. Your skin is left radiant and refreshed and the ground Aduki beans give you an exfoliated feeling once you wash it off.

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Considering that I have dry skin, facial soaps are not my thing. However, I am a huge fan of Turkish baths and Rassoul mud treatments. The Sandlewood oil in this soap gives off the same distinctive and earthy fragrance as those treatments so I thought I would give it a try.

This is a gentle soap made with antiseptic rosewood, sandalwood, and absorbent charcoal that can be used on the face and body. Charcoal is known for its absorbency, while liquorice root softens the skin and rosewood oil has antiseptic properties.

I decided to purchase 100g; which the sales assistant insisted would last me several months with consistent use. I absolutely love watching the girls at Lush cutting into the soap bars. It’s that notion of getting an individually wrapped ‘present’; which you get to open and enjoy at home that makes it so enjoyable.

Coalface is wonderful at cleansing and brightening the skin. I suffer from an un-even skin tone and within a month of using this I noticed a slight difference. The soap does not remove natural oils from your face and also gently exfoliates leaving you with soft and blemish free skin.

It’s safe to say that I am a Lush convert and I will certainly be trying out more of their products whenever I next visit one of their sweet, smelling stores.

You can find many of their products on their website buy finast 5mg online.

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