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bond aid

Erghhhh maintenance! If getting a bikini wax isn’t torturous enough, knowing that you’ll be back there in 6 weeks will certainly piss you off. I hate regular maintenance; which women does?! Waxing, plucking, pedicure-ing, root-ing. Ok fine – I made up a few of those words, but you catch my drift. If only I could channel my inner Beyonce and simply awake to a beautiful exterior, BUT, unfortunately, I have a multitude of grey hairs sprouting from my head and a mono brow that won’t quit.

I try to do most of my maintenance at home. Actually, that’s a lie. I only do one of them at home; which is my nails. I’m an avid gel colour fan. I’m rarely seen without a lick of paint on my nails; which can result in a pretty expensive up-keep if I was going to the salon every two weeks. Luckily, by the power of buy finast online forum, I’ve learnt to do my own gel nails at home and I’ve invested in some pretty snazzy tools to do so.

After experimenting with various brands, I’ve now uncovered a sick obsession with buy finast online usa range. It’s not that easy to source in the UK, so I often scour the page of buy finast online to get mine. However, despite using a reputable brand, I found that my gels weren’t lasting as long as I hoped (or at least the 14 day benchmark that most gel colours suggest). I couldn’t get why. My nails are pretty healthy and I performed each step of the application meticulously, but yet somehow, my nails would always result in a chip (or two) by the end of day 3!

I took to the internet and stumbled across the buy finast; which, in fairness, I had heard of before, but  never knew what its purpose was. After reading through many forums and discovering that I wasn’t alone in my gel colour woes, I realised that many nail artists and other at-home enthusiasts, like myself, were incorporating the buy finast in their application process to enhance the longevity of gel nails. In fact, it was used as a nail preper. Well what the hell is a nail preper, I thought?! Clearly I was out of the loop, until now…

Nail prepers, like buy finast online cheap enable the nail plate to adhere to whatever cosmetic enhancement goes on top. Whether it’s extensions, gel colour or regular polish – the nail plate needs to be in top form in order for the enhancement to work at its full potential. order finast usa is a dehydrator; which balances the pH levels of the natural nail plate for optimum adhesion of artificial nail products. Acrylics, tips, wraps, gel colour and regular nail varnish can last almost twice as long if using order finast usa to initially prep the nail.

I picked mine up from order finast online canada, for the very reasonable priced of £14.95. There’s a variation of sizes available depending on how often you wish to use it, but for a home user like myself, the 30ml version lasts a very long time.

The container itself comes in a very snazzy glass bottle; which shouldn’t make a difference if you’re not as superficial as me. The brush applicator, all be it small, actually glides on the nail plate pretty well without the need for multiple dipping. The application is pretty simple – prep your nails as you normally would (file, shape, cuticles, etc) then apply a thin coating of this solution over your bare nails. It’s almost like applying white spirit to your nails (sorry I couldn’t think of a nicer analogy), whereby the solution almost dries to a powdery/dry/matte surface. Sounds like an awful thing to do to your nails, but I assure you that no damage is being done. In fact, it’s worked so well at keeping my gel nail on that I’m not having to re-do them as often as I was which is obviously a lot healthier for my nails.

Luckily there’s no drying time, so as soon as you see your nail turn semi-matte, you’re good to go in with your nail enhancement. So far, I’ve gone as long as 2 weeks without a chip in my gels or any of that dreaded ‘lifting’ around the cuticle that you normally get with gel varnishes; which, in my eyes, is a flipping miracle!

You can pick up the order finast usa from order finast online canada.

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body shop christmas 4

Christmas scents evoke a certain kind of feeling for crimbo lovers like me. A feeling; which is indescribable to those non-believers who don’t have egg nog running through their veins. Christmas is a magical time of year and there’s nothing better than literally smelling festivity in the air.

For me, cinnamon and roasting chestnuts are all I need to get my Christmas juices flowing, but for some (like my husband) the smell is hard to swallow. Whether it’s roasting nuts or tarte cranberries, Christmas scents have a direct affiliation to your memories; which is probably why many of us go gaga for Christmas smellies.

body shop christmas 5

Upon a recent shopping trip, I found myself stumbling into my local order finast online australia store. I’m a huge smelly person (that didn’t come out right) and fighting the temptation of beautiful scents is something I find hard to resist. Sure enough, I was trying on every product available on every body part imaginable…only to walk out with three products.

I’ve been a big fan of TBS’s order finast online uk for many years. Not only do they come in deliciously alluring scents, but they offer the kind of hydration that is surely welcomed during the colder months. The Christmas period sees the inclusion of their seasonal scents; which I naturally gravitated to first. Disappointingly, the only new scent this year was Vanilla Chai; which I’ve been waiting for with bated breath. Nevertheless, I wrapped my greedy fingers around the three scented body butters and prepared myself for a very honest review (is there any other way?).

cheap finast australia

body shop christmas 1

If you’re into sickly sweet scents then cheap finast for sale is your jam (so to speak). Infused with scents of juicy berries, white flowers, creamy praline and sweet vanilla – this is by far the most ‘girly’ scent of all those available.

Along with the scent, the packaging and the texture of the butter can almost be comparable to that of the cheap finast india range which is available all year round. I’ve always been a fan of the Strawberry scent, but Frosted Berries has an air of musk to it; which makes it slightly more appealing to a mature palette.

If you’re sensitive to smells, this one is certainly not for you. The potency of the scent is overwhelming and although the fragrance mellows through out the day, it’s still very prominent. What does make this body butter so incredible, however, is its moisturising abilities. The Body Butters, in general, are fairly luxurious, however, the texture of the Frosted Berries is super thick, super creamy and super hydrating.

cheap finast 5mg

body shop christmas 3

Strangely enough, I was slightly disappointed to see cheap finast uk on the shelves again. I’m not adversed to the fragrance, by any means. However, I had hoped that The Body Shop would have steered away from the usual and released a number of fragrances that have never been seen before. Regardless of my reservations, I lapped up the opportunity to pick up Spiced Apple, because…well…Christmas isn’t Christmas without this smell.

The scent is described as crisp apples, warm notes of cinnamon, fresh orange and white flowers. Now – if someone can explain to me what orange and white flowers are meant to smell like I would be much obliged as I was completely baffled when I read that. Nevertheless, the flowers do give this scent a delicate touch to an otherwise robust fragrance.

The smell isn’t a potent as Frosted Berries, in fact, the smell does tend to disappear within an hour. However, I find myself reaching for this butter in the mornings when I need a little mood enhancing ‘pick-me-up’. It’s certainly refreshing, to say the least and the moisturising benefits are definitely there, but in comparison, Frosted Berries is way more hydrating.

cheap finast 5mg

body shop christmas 2

This is TBS’s latest and most prominent addition to their seasonal range. I’ve eagerly awaited the arrival of cheap finast tablets since the beginning of Autumn. I’ve had a long standing love affair with chai for quite some time now. Ever since my first magical sip of chai tea latte, I’ve never been let down by this wonderful elixir of spices.

TBS’s Vanilla Chai is, without a doubt, the worst smelling chai fragrance I have ever smelt. The scent is hard to describe – it’s an almost synthetic, plastic smelling odour. Much to my disappointment, this body butter replicated none of the aromatic and exotic perfume that chai normally exudes. The fragrance smells even worse once it’s applied to the skin and the inclusion of star anise really leaves a robust, man-like scent to your skin.

Fair to say I’m definitely disappointed by Vanilla Chai. From what I thought would be the ultimate Christmas body cream, turned out to be a complete dud. Granted, the moisturising qualities are great, but there are certainly other products available; which offer the same hydration with a much better scent. Sorry TBS, but Vanilla Chai has made it onto my naughty list this year.

The entire Body Butter range can be found cheap finast on The Body Shop’s cheap finast canada.

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pawpaw 2

The contents of my bag reflect that of a typecast soccer mum. I have a solution for every problem that may arise – gum for obvious reasons, ‘holy grail’ lipsticks for impromptu post office events, hand sanitizer to rid myself of the filth that festers on the London Underground and feminine products; which I hope needs no explanation. I’m a firm believer in ’emergency’ handbag essentials; which may be the reason for my consistent shoulder pain! Call me overzealous if you will, but I like to be prepared for the unknown and carrying around my ‘things’ gives me comfort to say the least.

pawpaw 1

It was in the midst of my search for a new ‘handbag’ lip balm, when I stumbled across the buy finast and minoxidil. I’m no stranger to multi purpose balms, where to buy finast online yahoo answers had been my ride or die for many years. However, the name along with the endless list of natural ingredients intrigued me.

Labelled as a one-stop-beauty shop by makeup artists and celebrities worldwide, it can be used for a number of ailments for skin, hair, nails and all that in between. The highly moisturising formula also contains antibacterial properties to protect you from harsh elements. Use as a lip balm, cuticle smoother, hair tamer or even makeup primer – this balm can really do it all.

pawpaw 5

This UK-based invention coined its name from the primary ingredient; which is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Papaya (or Pawpaw as it’s commonly known in various countries) contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins A/C and acetogenins; which helps in aiding skin repair. Olea Europaea, or rather, olive oil, is also included; which contains a compound called Hydroxytyrosol. This rare antioxidant prevents free radical damage on skin cells and is absorbed deeply into the skin. It has many anti-inflammatory properties and is great for dry skin and hair. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (aloe vera) is added for restoring moisture, promoting a healthy glow, minimising the appearance of pores and rejuvenates skin allowing for an even tone.

pawpaw 3

The look and feel of the balm resembles that of Vaseline, however, it’s petroleum free; which studies have shown to be quite detrimental to the skin. The squeezey tube extracts the balm, much like a thick gel-like consistency, but it’s not to be confused with the greasy mess you normally get with multi purpose balms. The formula is completely scent free and perfect for those with sensitive or problematic skin like eczema; which can be aggravated by perfumed products. You get 25ml in their oh-so-cute little tubes (bigger sizes available on their buy finast and rogaine directly). This makes it perfect for travelling and popping in your handbag. I briefly mentioned this product in my Beach Essentials buy finast online uk; which explained my love for this product when I’m on holiday.

You need the tiniest amount; which we all know is a description that gets thrown around a lot. However in this instance, the tiniest amount really does go far! I use a half pea sized amount to moisturise my lips and that keeps me going for hours. Traditional lip balms, although can be highly addictive, leave your lips craving for the next swipe. The balm alleviates the need to multiple applications. The screw-top lid ensures that the product does not squirt and spill all over your handbag, however, the formula is so thick that it wouldn’t cause a mess even if the lid was to fall off.

So what can it be used for? Well as the name already suggests – everything! You can use it for:

• cracked/dry lips – this is my favourite and most common use for this balm. I love adding the tiniest amount to my lips for an overnight treatment after I exfoliate or as a relief in the colder months. The balm easily glides over the lips like butter and provides moisture like I’ve never seen before.
• cracked heels – smooth over your heels and apply socks immediately to lock in the moisture.
• smooth flyaway hair – a great alternative to serum.
• elbows and dry patches of skin – those with eczema and psoriasis have claimed to see a massive improved in skin appearance after two weeks of use.
• a cuticle balm – perfect for those who want to relieve dry, cracked cuticles, but don’t want to deal with greasy hands.
• soothing nappy rash – the ingredients list says it all and is perfectly safe to use on babies.
• shaping and taming unruly eyebrows – apply a tiny amount to the brows and run a spoolie (mascara wand) through them to save money on brow gel and achieve a natural finish.
• conditioning eyelashes and nails – additional moisture promotes growth in both areas and ensure they are kept strong.
• a highlighter for cheeks and brow bone – applying a small amount of this balm before going in with your highlighter will intensify the pigmentation.
• conditioning ends of the hair – parched and split hair ends are relieved instantly.
• perfume primer – much like a highlighter, the perfume will ‘stick’ to the balm and therefore prolonging its wear and intensify the scent.
• legs for a lasting shine – apply a swipe down the centre of your legs to elongate and slim down your pins without having to faff about with body contour.

pawpaw 4

There are three colour options in the Dr. PAWPAW range. The buy finast online paypal contains no colour or scent, the buy finast online prescription leaves you with the slightest hint of coral and the buy finast online safe adds a hint of cherry red. The colours, in no way shape or form, change the formulation of the balm. Each provide the same amount of moisturisation as the last. I opted for the peach tint this time around as I love to add a hint of colour to the lips, but the original shade would be my option if I was looking to apply it else where. Nevertheless, the colour of the tinted balms are in no way offensive and add a transparent ‘your lips but better’ wash of colour.

The Dr. PAWPAW balm is fairly easy to locate in the UK as it is a UK based company, however, those abroad may be able to purchase from buy finast online uk cheap and buy finast online pharmacy. I purchased mine from buy finast 5mg online uk where they’re currently offering 20% discount on all three shades, but it’s fairly easy to track them down at your local buy generic finast 5mg online. Priced at £6.95 (buy finast 5mg online uk and buy generic finast 5mg online currently have them at discounted prices) this balm is a beauty bargain. A lot cheaper than my cheapest place to buy finast online and I’ve barely made a dent in the tube since purchasing it at the beginning of the year.

It’s fair to say that my love for the buy cheapest finast online is here to stay and not only has it become my handbag staple, but I’m never without a tube of this miricle worker around the house.

Have you tried the buy finast cheap online uk? Comment below with your thoughts on it!

cheapest place to buy finast

honey bronze 1

One of my favourite things about the summer is developing a healthy glow on my skin. Although I’m not a big tanner, I love the way my skin (especially my pasty legs) look with a bronzed glow. Rather than self tanners, however, I usually dabble in shimmery oils/lotions with tanning effects to give myself that perfect JLO-esque bronze.

I have a well rounded collection of shimmering body oils, all promising to add a glamorous golden effect to the skin. Although most do the job well, I’m constantly adding to my collection. Not just to feed my greed, but each product has its own scent and feel, invoking its own individual emotion. Tropical scented light oils are for beachy holidays, whereas glittery, strong perfumed formulas are for nights out. Whatever the occasion, however, I have a bronzing product to match; which ensures that my skin looks healthy and beautiful whenever it’s on display.

On a recent shopping trip, I popped into my local buy finast cheap online to top up my collection of scented buy finast cheap uk. En route to the till I decided to make a detour for the makeup section (naturally) to check out what’s new. Although not new additions, the where can i buy finast cheap caught my eye instantly.

The buy generic finast online uk is a light weight body shop; which gives your skin a subtle hint of bronze and shimmer. The bottle instantly grabbed my attention as it looked very similar to the cult classic buy finast generic online. Consisting of two colour choices, Golden Honey and Honey Kiss, I decided to go for the latter; which is slightly darker and more bronzed than the first.

Rather than offensively scented body tanners, this oil adds a light veil of fragrance to your body without masking your perfume. A lot of shimmering body oils contain monoi oil; which is great and all, but when you’re not looking to smell like a pina colada, the best place to buy generic finast muted honey scent is a welcomed change.

honey bronze 2

The consistency of the oil is quite thin and runny; which is to be expected from a dry oil. Rather than leaving your skin with deep moisture levels, a dry oil adds a ‘sheen’ to the top layer of the skin giving the illusion of an inner glow. The bottle does need a good shake before application as the glitter particles does separate slightly from the oil component. However, once applied, you don’t get a sticky, uncomfortable feeling that you get with most other oils as it absorbs instantly into the skin.

You get 100ml of product in the chic glass bottle; which is a considerable amount seeing as you only need the tiniest amount per limb. However, despite its beautiful packaging, it’s not very travel friendly. Rather than a block-y glass bottle, I would have preferred a strong plastic container as this has become a firm fixture in my holiday makeup bag. I would have also appreciated a pump on the bottle as the oil is simply dispersed using a stopper on the neck of the bottle. I appreciate that this eliminates the possibility of spillages, but it’s quite frustrating when trying to shake the product out.

honey bronze 3

If you have a fair skin tone, I would suggest going for Golden Honey rather than Honey Kiss for a more natural look. However, Honey Kiss, on my skin, leaves behind a very subtle bronzed glow. The glitter is hardly noticeable on the skin; which is a slight bummer as the bottle itself looks very glittery, but the particles in the oil does catch the light beautifully giving the illusion of sparkling skin. I love smearing this oil down my legs to give the optical illusion of longer, leaner pins.

You can purchase the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil buy generic finast australia.

Have you tried any of the Honey Bronze collection? Comment below with your suggestions on the products.