Give Yourself Some Lash | False Lash Technique

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There’s very little in this world that gets me angry. Except perhaps the odd negative comment on Instagram, or the blatant disrespect of not getting enough ‘likes’ on a selfie that’s, quite honestly, taken more time and effort than spent on my university dissertation. What’s wrong with this world?! Ok fine, I don’t have the most placid of personalities, but that stuff hurts!

If there’s one thing that gets my temperature rising, it’s the unwillingness from a set of false lashes. For all my ladies out there who love falsies as much as I do, you can understand that my sentiments are perfectly rational. After all, it’s utterly frustrating when your ‘good’ eye looks bomb and your ‘lazy’ eye looks like it’s been worked on by a 4 year old. Why do lashes play us like that? Being a leftie, I always struggle with my right-eye lash application. Perhaps it’s the angle or the shape of my right eye, but my lash always looks like it’s hanging on for dear life (not very well).

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but lashes are the fabulous curtains. Why step out with all that blending and killer winged liner without adding some fluttery falsies? False lashes add dimension to your completed look and can turn you from a basic bitch to a makeup slayer.

I don’t rock lashes on a daily basis, but when I’m looking to get a little glam, a false lash set can turn my persona around. False lashes are sexy, feminine and frame your face like no other. Having said that, I know plenty of women who avoid falsies altogether for the simple fact that they find them a pain to apply. My friends and family have quickly established that the best way to apply falsies, is to get me to do it for them. I’ve become known as the ‘Lash Queen’ (I’ll get that legalised one day). However, I want to share with you, all of my tricks and techniques for lash application so that you can slay your false lash application. Practice makes perfect in this scenario, but when you’ve applied them as many times as I have, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Many of the products listed below can be adapted to items of your choice. The technique remains the same, but having quality tools at hand makes the process a breeze.

Tools Required

A pair of your favourite lashes
Tweezers or false lash applicators (Eyelure do a great pair)
Scissors to trim the lashes
Eyelash glue
Pencil or gel eyeliner


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1. Coat your lashes with mascara. This may seem like a completely pointless step considering you’re going to cover them anyway, but it makes the world of difference. Coating your upper lashes with your favourite mascara enables your lashes to blend naturally with the false lash hairs. Some choose to apply mascara after applying the lashes, therefore coating the natural and false lash, but I’m not an advocate of that method. Coating your falsies with mascara not only shortens the longevity of your lashes, but it creates lumps which are hard to remove without ruining the lash. I, for one, love to wear my falsies over and over again so adding mascara to them is not an option for me. You can choose to coat your bottom lashes at this time to complete the eye look, or like myself, you can choose to coat them after your false lashes are applied. Bottom lash mascara is essential to balance out the look of the eye. The mascara of choice when I’m looking to get fluttery lashes is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara; which gives me that perfect ‘doe-eyed’ look.

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2. Remove lashes from the pack. My absolute favourite lashes at the moment are the Eyelure Vegas Nay lashes in Grand Glamour. They add the right amount of drama and wispy-ness to the eye without making your look too ‘drag’. The voluminous nature of these lashes give your eyes a smokey effect, without having to smoke out your eye shadow. Go for lashes described as wispy to give your eyes a fluttery, ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look.

eyelashes 3

3. Measure the lashes against your eyelid. After completing your eye makeup and mascara, you need to measure the lashes against your eyes to ensure they’re a perfect fit. If you find that falsies ‘poke’ and ‘dig’ into your inner eye, you’ve either placed them too close to your tear duct or they’re too big for your eye shape. If you have small eyes, I would suggest using a pair of cosmetic scissors to trim the lashes. I use a pair of stainless steel nail scissors to easily cut into the lash, without damaging them. Remember to trim the lashes from the front rather than the outer edge so that you don’t ruin the shape and style of the lash.

eyelashes 4

4. Apply lash glue to the band of the lash. Now, lash glues are controversial. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I’ve been faced with a situation of having to put on someones falsies with the horrible pots of glue that come within a false lash pack. Not being a complete lash snob, but these little glues are crap. They may stick your lashes on, but they’re messy, a pain to get off and simply don’t do the job properly. Unless you want your lashes to grace the presence of your cheeks later in the day, invest in a decent lash glue! I can say with confidence that I’ve used them all. However, the best lash glue that I have come across in terms of ease of use and staying power is the Ardell DUO Brush On Striplash Adhesive in white/clear. The thin brush applicator makes it easy to apply the correct amount of product onto the lash band without having to get my fingers or tweezers sticky. The drying time is incredibly quick and it keeps my lashes on all night. I find that getting into the corners of the lash, that may need additional glue once your lashes are applied is easy with this applicator. The product applies as a florescent blue colour, but dries completely clear; which is perfect for the days that I don’t wear any liner with my lashes. If you’re not so bothered about sticky fingers, then the Huda Beauty Lash Glue in black is pretty remarkable.

5. Allow the glue to dry before applying to your eyes. For the quickest and strongest application, you want to ensure that the glue is slightly tacky before applying them to your lash line. Hold the lashes between your fingers or tweezers whilst the glue is on the lash band. I usually do the obligatory ‘lash dance’ at this time – prancing around whilst flapping my hands, creating my very own drying system. Allow the glue to dry for 20-30 seconds before application. This allows for the lash to instantly adhere to your eyelids rather than slipping and sliding all over the place.

6. Apply the lashes using tweezers or a false lash applicator. Unless you’re a pro, applying lashes with a pair of tweezers will be fool-proof way of getting them in place. You can certainly use your fingers, but if you’re as cack-handed as I am, you’ll find the tweezers a lot easier to work with. Any tweezers will do in this case, but my chosen pair are the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. Place the lash between the tweezers and apply as close as possible to the lash line. I tend to place the centre of the lash down first to get the position just right, then work on the corners. I usually press the tweezers against the lashes for a few seconds to ensure that the lashes are firmly stuck against the lash line.

eyelashes 6

7. Line your eyes. Applying eye liner is completely down to personal preference. When I’m going for a slightly ‘natural’, understated eye shadow look, I will forgo the liner. However, when I’m doing a full on, dramatic, intense eye, winged liner is just what I need to tie off the look nicely. If I do choose eyeliner then I tend to apply this before my lashes, doing a few touch ups after the lashes are applied to conceal any gaps. If I choose to leave out the liner, I use a small amount of liner between the start of the lash band and my inner tear duct to create a ‘faux’ liner effect without having to wing it out. For precision and intense colour, I use MAC’s Penultimate Eye Liner.

What are some of your favourite lashes? Comment below with brands that I need to try!

Glitter Is Everything | Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners

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I have a somewhat sick obsession with glitter. Whether it’s makeup, shoes, handbags or even home decor – my fetish for all things sparkly is out of control.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of attending a family wedding. As you can imagine, Indian weddings call for opulent, heavily embellished and colourful outfits. I’ve never been an advocate for soft, natural makeup with Indian wear. Not to say that it’s not allowed, but in my opinion, when the clothes are so extravagant the makeup needs to follow suit. I decided, quite early on, that glitter was the only route I needed to take when it came to my makeup. Not that I needed an excuse, if it were up to me I would rock a glittery eye every day of the week!

glitter eyeliner 6

I recently picked up the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners in the shades, Distortion, Midnight Cowboy and Glam Rock. The complete collection of eyeliners contain 7 shades, including Amp (turquoise, green-y blue), Spandex (midnight blue), ACDC (deep purple) and Junkshow (bright pink). Although the other colours are beautiful, I’m not sure if they are as universally wearable as the golds and silvers. Plus, if you are looking for the perfect glitter to go with your Indian outfit, you can’t go wrong with a classic gold or silver. I may, however, have to invest in the dark blue colour as that would look stunning as a Kim Kardashian-esque blue smokey eye with a twist.

glitter eyeliner 3


A beautiful iridescent glitter; which reflects an array of colours. You can use this as a ‘neutral’ glitter for any makeup look without compromising on the colour. Imagine a diamond reflecting light from a surface giving off a beautiful mix of green, gold, fuchsia and blue.

glitter eyeliner 4


If silver is what you’re going for then Glamrock is the shade for you. This has pure silver particles guaranteed to add some serious sparkle to your peepers.

glitter eyeliner 5

Midnight Cowboy

Rather than a harsh, abrasive hue, this is more of a beige-gold colour. This is a perfect accompaniment to any Indian outfit. The warm undertones look amazing against tanned skin.

glitter eyeliner 7

The thing that I like most about these glitters is the applicator. I’ve tried many glitters and pigments in the past, including the ever-famous MAC Glitter Pots. What I find irritating about most of the glitters available on the market, is the mess factor. Girls who love experimenting with glitters and pigments will relate. Once you open the lid on one of these bad boys, you find yourself amidst an explosion of product. Despite trying to open them as carefully as possible, you can’t escape the mess that they create all over your vanity and even your hands! Now, I love glitter as much as the next person, but when I’m rushing out of the door, the last thing I need is a cloud of highly pigmented glitter all over my bedroom.

The brush applicator on these eyeliners is an ingenious solution to all of those problems that potted glitters and pigments give you. I must say though, the applicator is to be expected as these are eyeliners after all, but when you’re looking to paint these beauties all over your eyelid, the brush is a welcomed tool. There’s virtually no mess, no fuss and, in actual fact, they make your application more precise than a makeup brush could ever achieve. The thin bristles make it easy to get the product tight against your lash line as an eyeliner or as a pop of colour in your inner tear duct.

glitter eyeliner 1

The pigmentation on these eyeliners is intense, yet build-able. One swipe is enough to give a transparent flash of glitter, but adding two or three more coats gives you an incredible opaque finish; which is easily noticeable. The glitter particles are not too big; which makes this super comfortable to wear, especially for contact lens wearers like myself. One thing that I find with regular glitters if that the removal process can be quite daunting. Many have left me with red and irritated eyes as they have been so difficult to remove. The Heavy Metal eyeliners easily melt away with a swipe of a facial wipe or eye makeup remover. Despite this, the staying power is great and they dry almost immediately; which means that if you do go for an all-over-the-lid look, they won’t transfer to your brow bone (first world problems I know).

Have you tried these glitter eyeliners before? Comment below with your experience and what colours you would recommend.

Valentines Day Scents

Happy lurveee week! It’s hard to ignore the madness surrounding Valentines Day. Since Christmas officially came to a close, there has been an abundance of obnoxious decorations, hearts and over priced chocolate boxes every where that you turn. It’s hard not to notice that February is all about declaring your love.

I must admit, I’m not a massive advocate of Valentines Day, however, I do like what it represents. Love should be celebrated with your dearest and dearest. Not just with your partner, but your parents, children, grandparents and so on. Love, in whatever form, should be rejoiced.

valentines perfume 1

Whatever your plans for Valentines day, it’s always nice to feel extra special. Nothing makes me feel more special than a spritz of my favourite perfume. Fragrances are believed to have a powerful effect on your energy level and mood. The sense of smell also evokes emotions, triggering strong and immediate reactions. The capacities for smell and emotion are both rooted in the limbic system; which is within the same network of brain structure. You can prompt your mind to revert to a special memory, such as your first kiss, your wedding day or any moment of happiness with a simple wiff.

Here are a few of my favourite fragrances for Valentines. Depending on my mood and occasion, I swap out my chosen fragrance to match. Although I am somewhat of a perfume hoarder, these 4 are what I believe to be my most favoured for Valentines Day emotions!

Seductive and Mysterious

Gucci Oud Eau De Parfum | from £100

valentines perfume 5

Made with natural Laotian oud, specially sourced for Gucci. This perfume promises to transport your mind to a captivating and unfamiliar land far far away. It has top notes of pear, raspberry, saffron, Bulgarian rose, orange flower, amber and patchouli.

I love spritzing this decadent fragrance on evenings where I want to add a level oriental glamour and opulence to my ensemble. Arabian ouds are typically known for their potency and staying power and of all the Arabian ouds that I have tried, this one is at the top of my list. One spritz is all you need to feel like middle eastern royalty and the scent will last you for days even after showering.

Fun and Flirty

Viktor & Rolf BONBON Eau de Parfum | From £50.00

valentines perfume 3

On the opposite end of the spectrum is BONBON. As the bottle suggests, this perfume is for the fun and flirty moments in your life. If you love sweet and girly fragrances you will love this. Notes of mandarin, orange, peach and caramel are balanced out with sandalwood and guaiac wood.

I choose this fragrance on casual days out when I want to feel youthful lighthearted. Although the staying power is not as strong as the Gucci Oud, it is still strong enough to make an impact. The bottle is oh so sweet and perfect for displaying on your vanity table if you’re into cute decor.

Modern Femininity

Dolce & Gabbana The One | From £63.00

valentines perfume 4

This gold-hued bottle pays homage to Dolce and Gabanna’s effortless luxury. The concept behind this perfume is to celebrate and adorn a woman’s natural sensuality. I like wearing this perfume on days when I want to feel strong and empowered (particularly at work).

The notes of vanilla and musk make this a very ‘grown up’ scent, while the touch of plum and lychee give it a soft edge. It’s not offensively strong, but it works with your body’s unique scent to create a modern, floral and contemporary fragrance. Proudly wear this fragrance alongside your most kick-ass red lipstick!

Old School Glamour

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum | From £58.00

valentines perfume 2

Inspired by the craftsmanship and iconic stature of their handbags, Marc Jacobs created the ultimate statement perfume. The bottle plays homage to the old school perfume bottles in the 50s, but with a modern twist. I love displaying this emerald green beauty on my vanity table.

Succulent Italian plum, rich Bulgarian rose and sensual liquid amber all play a part in this beautiful symphony. Saffron and papyrus wood add a touch of sensuality to the sweet notes. If you’re looking for a perfume to give you that Marilyn Monroe feeling, then this is the one for you.

Happy Valentines Day to all of my subscribers with lots of love and kisses to you all. Comment below and let me know your plans for the big V Day! xxx

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Collection | Review and Swatches

gerard 2

If there’s one thing in this world that gets me foaming at the mouth, it’s a fabulous collection of lipsticks – ok maybe pizza…pizza has the same effect…oh and shoes…and maybe macaroons…OK fine there’s a lot in this world that gets me salivating!

I love seeing other people’s collection of lipsticks. A girl’s lipstick collection shows a lot about her personality. Girls who want to be noticed go for reds, girls who are playful go for deep purples, girls who are young and flirty go for pinks and girls who don’t like fuss go for nudes. To be honest, I’m a little of everything. I love my pinks, but I also love an understated nude lip or a sultry burgundy pout.

gerard 4

Gerard Cosmetics is the brain child of Jennifer Gerard, CEO and creator of the brand. After her success with Whitening Lightening, a professional at-home teeth whitening kit, Jen decided to turn her attention to the makeup world. Gerard Cosmetics have created iconic and easily recognisable products such as Brow Bar To Go and their amazing BB Plus Illumination Creme. Although an American brand, the phenomenon around their products have reach international heights with companies such as Beauty Bay offering UK consumers a slice of what Gerard Cosmetics have to offer.

I wanted the opportunity to try out their lipsticks after seeing Instagram images of their ever famous 1995 shade. As I was ordering these from the States, I made an informed, and almost indulgent decision, to try out a ‘few’ other shades. When I say a ‘few’ I really mean 8…I bought 8 of them. I will warn you though that if you do decide to try out Gerard Cosmetics, do not order direct from their website. Although they offer great bundle deals and international shipping rates, they also offer the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I won’t go into detail of the problems that I have faced, but trust me when I advise, order your lipsticks from Beauty Bay (links below).

I love the long wearing, full coverage that these lipsticks have to offer. The longevity of the lipsticks are definitely the selling point here. The lighter shades take a couple of coats to get the desired look, but the darker colours are so pigmented that one swipe is all you need. They’re extremely comfortable on the lips despite their staying power; which make them a great day-to-day lipstick.

gerard 1

The gold, bullet-style packaging reminds me of MAC lipsticks. It’s safe to say that these chrome lipsticks will never get lost in your handbag! However I would say that the packaging is so lightweight, it almost feels cheap. Not that they’re incredibly expensive (£9.50 each), but I expected more considering the finish on them. The only other downfall is that they pick up fingerprints and any other marks very easily. Not a major turn off, but it can get a little annoying if you have OCD like I do.

In terms of shade selection, Gerard Cosmetics have got it right. There’s a shade for everyone, including a vast selection of nude/pink shades; which will allow anyone to achieve the perfect Kylie Jenner lip. Apart from a few, majority of the shades are very universal and would suit anyone of any skin tone. If there’s one thing that I need to give Gerard Cosmetics props for, it’s the range of colours.

gerard 3
Colours below are ordered from left to right as in image.

1995 – Inspired by 90s grunge glam. This is a neutral toned, matte finish lipstick. Not just a brown, but rather the red undertones give it a beautiful multi-tonal effect. Think the girls from Beverley Hills 90210 (the original).

Cherry Cordial – This shade is for you if you want to amp up the sex appeal. This is a vampy, deep berry-toned lipstick that’s add the perfect amount of mystery to any look. Although its a satin finish, the staying power is incredible and it leaves your lips with a subtle stain long after the night is done.

Tequila Sunrise – Imagine a sun filled holiday in a lipstick. This is a peach toned, coral lipstick that looks AMAZING against a tan. I’ve definitely found my summer shade here. I only wish that it wasn’t a matte finish, but rather a shimmer as I’m not a fan of heavy, matte finish lipsticks in the summer.

Berry smoothie – This is a semi-matte shade; similar to Rodeo Drive. This, however, is more of a pink hue. Rather than a Barbie pink, this is more of a purple/mauve toned colour.

Kiss & tell – A flamingo pink, satin finish with flecks of glitter. You can play this up with a strong winged eyeliner or mute it down with a natural lip liner.

Vintage rose – A beautiful understated pink with a matte finish. This is a perfect ‘everyday’ shade and a it’s neutral tones makes it suitable for any makeup look.

Underground – Not my most typical of choices when it comes to lipstick, but you really have to see it in persons to appreciate how beautiful it is. This is a nude lipstick with a difference. A grey lipstick with subtle pink undertones. If you’re a of grunge glam, you will love this.

Rodeo drive – If I was to associate this lipstick to anyone it would be Kylie Jenner. This is one of Gerard Cosmetics’ most famous shades and it’s not hard to see why. This is the most perfect matte finished mauve nude that I have ever seen. Pair with a slightly darker lip liner, and you’ll have Jenner lips in no time.

Have you tried any Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks? Comment below with your favourite shade.