Time To Teatox


We’ve all heard of detoxing. Juices cleanses, apple cider vinegar and cabbage soup diets are generally what comes to mind when thinking of losing a few pounds fast. However, the theory that ‘eating is cheating’ has never sit well with me.

I love food as much as the next person and although it’s important to fit into that beautiful dress by Friday, I don’t think I could give up my favourite foods as a sacrifice.

You can imagine my delight when I came across Teatoxing. Although it has been around for a while, detox teas have recently become popular through social media. Every other Instagram post out there would be of brand promotions pushing the latest detox teas for you to try.

Teatoxing is designed to encourage the natural process of elimination to remove unwanted toxins and built up waste from our body. You are advised to follow a healthy eating regime whilst undergoing the detox; which means no fasting and no meal replacements!


With so many brands out there, I was instantly drawn to the BooTea Teatox. Firstly their packaging is so cute! The natural ingredients are incased within individual silk tea bags; which scream absolute luxury! Maybe I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but this is one product I would happily display in my kitchen!

This UK based company has two options for its Teatox, a 14 and 28 day programme. Both consist of the same principle. The ‘morning’ tea to be consumed everyday throughout the duration of the course and an evening tea to be taken every other night.

The evening tea is meant to ‘cleanse’ your system with its natural laxative component Senna leaves. The morning tea is to revitalise and refresh to make you glow from within. In all honesty, the ‘evening’ tea is somewhat of an acquired taste. Senna leaves aren’t the most fragrant so be warned that the ‘evening’ intake might not be everyone’s cup of tea!


Daytime Detox:

Chinese Oolong tea, Maté leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

NOTE: The Daytime Detox does NOT produce a laxative effect (only the Bedtime Cleanse will operate in this manner). The Daytime Tea contains a small amount of caffeine.

Bedtime Cleanse:

Senna leaves, Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian root, Psyllium seeds.

Upon completion of my 14 day course I can honestly say that BooTea is by far my favourite way to cleanse any time I feel a bit sluggish. The weight loss affect is not dramatic (I say this as I only lost 3 pounds!), however, it’s a great kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. Although the taste was not the greatest, with an added sweetener or a squeeze of honey I easily got used to it. You can certainly continue using the tea after you complete the the desired course, but after about three months of use I would advise giving your body a bit of a rest.

You can find BooTea here:- www.bootea.com or Holland and Barrett.

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Calorie Free Bathing

dolly's mixtures shower gel

I’m a sucker for dessert scented bath products. There’s something about lathering on a sweet fragranced shower gel in the morning that leaves me smelling like I’ve just walked out of a patisserie.

dolly's mixtures shower gel

I first discovered the Dolly’s Mixtures range whilst browsing the toiletry aisle of Asda. I know right – ASDA! I was immediately drawn to the vintage style packaging, but more importantly the price. At a jaw-dropping £2 per bottle, this had to be the biggest beauty bargain I have ever discovered!

dolly's mixtures shower gel

These cute, pint-sized bottles come in an array of ‘flavours’ including Candy Floss, Lemon Bon-Bon, Bucks Fizz and my personal favourite, Red Velvet Cupcake. The consistency is thick and creamy and a little squirted on a shower puff goes a very long way.

Whichever scent you choose to go for rest assured you will smelling as sweet as pie all day long!

Find the Dolly’s Mixtures range online and in store at Asda.

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The Definitive Guide To Coconut Oil


It’s fair to say that my obsession with coconut oil is a real problem! For years, this versatile beauty product has been a staple in my bathroom cabinet. What’s not to love? It has an endless list of uses, it’s cheap, easy to source and it’s organic. In my eyes this is my no.1 beauty find of all time!

Coconut oil holds the answer to many puzzling beauty questions. Dry and damaged hair you can’t control? Weak and brittle nails? Un-even skin tone? Coconut oil alleviates so many of our beauty problems. Not forgetting it’s super healthy to cook with!

At room temperature or above, coconut oil is a white, waxy looking solid. One scoop heated in the palm of your hands turns this solid into a luxurious beauty elixir; which you can pretty much do anything with.

FullSizeRender (3)

It seems like everyone has jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon. For that reason it can get quite confusing as to what brand to use. Although brand preference is not important, I always repurchase the Biona Organic Coconut Virgin Oil from Amazon.co.uk. It is important, however, to always go for pure, unrefined, oragnic coconut oil. If you’re not sure, check the ingredients. If it doesn’t mention any of the key words above then it’s not 100% coconut oil!

Here’s my top 10 list of beauty uses for coconut oil:-

1. Hot oil hair treatment – If you suffer from split ends, dry or course hair then coconut oil could be the easiest (not forgetting cheapest) treatment you could ever give your locks! Scoop a couple of tablespoons (dependent on length of hair) into a heat resistant bowl and heat for a few seconds in the microwave. This will melt and heat the oil to a reasonable temperature; which you can then massage into your hair. I like to focus mostly on the ends as this is where my hair is the most dry. Leave to soak in your hair for at least an hour and rinse to reveal a seriously shiny mane. For an extra boost of moisture, wrap hair in a heated towel once you have applied the oil to help it penetrate further into the hair shaft.

2. Night time beauty oil – There’s no better feeling than taking off your makeup at the end of a long day. Once you have completed your usual cleanser and toner routine, treat your skin to a pea-sized amount of coconut oil. Massage the oil all over your face before you retire for the evening and wake up to glowing, even toned skin. Don’t worry about getting it on your pillow as coconut oil is completely natural and does not clog your pores.

3. Body moisturiser – Coconut oil is just as good for your body as it is for your face. I usually treat myself twice a week to a slathering of this oil after a full body exfoliation. It calms your skin down after scuffing away all of the dead skin cells and leaves your skin as smooth as a baby’s behind. To top it off you get to smell like a tropical island all day!

4. Nail and cuticle oil – If you suffer from dry cuticles or splitting/peeling nails then rub a small amount of coconut oil into each nail bed to treat them.

5. Eyebrow/eyelash growth – Studies have shown that regular use of coconut oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes can help them to grow thicker and longer. Take an old mascara wand or spoolie, dip into the coconut oil and layer onto your eyebrows and eyelashes. Continued use can make a real difference. For an extra boost, add some cold pressed castor oil to the coconut oil before applying.

6. Makeup remover – If you find yourself out of makeup wipes or eye makeup remover then soak a cotton pad with coconut oil and apply to your face. The oil instantly dissolves the most stubborn of makeup including waterproof mascara!

7. Make your own luscious body scrub – If you’re like me then you will agree that a lot of body scrubs on the market are hugely overpriced for something that you’re eventually going to wash off your body! Here’s a little beauty secret…make your own! If you take a look at the ingredients list on many body scrubs on the shelves, you will find that coconut oil is a vital component. So why not make your own? Many of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. Mix some melted coconut oil with brown sugar and a few drops of essential oil for a beautifully fragrant scrub. If your skin is in need of toning and invigorating then mix some melted coconut oil with ground coffee granules and high quality coco powder for a chocolaty mix that will certainly wake you up in the morning!

8. Shave your legs – We’ve all been there. You’re in the shower, preparing to get those legs ready for that glamorous night out and low and behold – there’s no more foam coming out of that bottle. What do you do? Grab some coconut oil! The heat from your skin will automatically melt the oil so that you can distribute it all over your skin. Not only will the oil protect you from any shaving nicks, but its skin soothing properties will calm down irritated skin.

9. Kissable lips – Coconut oil is the ideal remedy for chapped lips, especially when it’s in its solid state. Store some in a mini container and smooth over lips throughout the day.

10. Oil pulling for whiter teeth – Oil pulling has been around for years, but only recently became popular with the influence of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around your mouth for a few minutes for a whiter smile.

Buy your jar of Biona Organic Coconut Oil from here – www.Amazon.co.uk

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Give In To The Glow

mary loumanizer

The beauty world is full of ‘must have’ products. When I first heard about The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer I simply dismissed it as another overly-hyped product mostly fueled by brand promotion and sponsored reviews. My assumption could not have been more wrong!

I have never been much of a highlighter girl. My purchase of Benefit’s MoonBeam liquid highlighter many moons ago (pun intended) would always have a special place in the back of my makeup storage. Not that it’s a terrible highlighter, I just never appreciated the effect that a good highlighter could give you.

I decided to let my inhibitions go and try out this widely acclaimed highlighter and I haven’t looked back since!

This buttery-textured powder is perfect to get that Kardashian-esque glow. It’s easily build-able, but be warned! If you are as heavy handed as I am it’s easy to over do it. Rather than chunks of glitter, it adds a champagne coloured sheen to the high points of your face. I wouldn’t go as far as to adding this all over the face, rather focus on the typical areas of the face that catches the light.

In short, it’s a very versatile highlighter that would suit most skin types and shades. If you’re looking to get that summer time glow without looking like a disco ball it’s time to add the Mary-Lou Manizer to your makeup collection…

Find The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer at Feelunique.com.

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